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Video: XBMC Media Center Running on PlayStation 3 via PS3 Linux

246w ago - Today madshaun1984 shared a video of the XBMC Media Center running on Sony's PlayStation 3 entertainment system via PS3 Linux.

For those unaware, [Register or Login to view links] is a free and open source cross-platform media player and home entertainment system software with a 10-foot user interface designed for the living-room TV.

Its graphical user interface allows the user to easily manage video, photos, podcasts, and music from a computer, optical disk, local network, and the Internet using a remote control.

To quote: "I managed to compile and get running XBMC on my PS3 via OtherOS and Ubuntu10.04.

Proof enough I think that the PS3 is more than capable to run it (although its extremely slow at the moment, it can be improved upon )"

Check out the video below!

Tutorial - Install Ubuntu/CellSDK/XBMC on the PS3:

You will need a usb keyboard and mouse for this install.

First off decide whether you want to install on a usb hdd or the PS3's internal hdd (internal hdd will need to be formatted and a partition assigned to OtherOS).

Then get a copy of the OtherOS.bld for petitboot and put it on a usb stick at /PS3/OTHEROS/otheros.bld

Video: Modified Avalaunch Disc Allows XBMC on XBox 360

254w ago - This weekend farmboyhacker has shared a video and file download of a modified Avalaunch disc which allows users to boot XBox homebrew including XBMC on the XBox 360.

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links]

To quote: "I'm running xbox media centre on my xbox360 by booting a copy of avalaunch modified with a halo title id to get it running then I boot xbmc from the avalaunch file manager.

xbmc on the xbox360 currently has minimal features working but with a bit of tweaking by someone a bit smarter than me we should have a fully functional xbmc.

hddx/compatibility/'place xefu files here'

hdd1/compatibility/xbox1/'place xbmc folder'

hope this helps!"

Those interested can check out the video of it in action below!


XBMC Dev Confirms Team is Working on an XBox 360 Port

284w ago - Today French site Logic-Sunrise (linked above) is reporting news that XBMC developer Spiff has confirmed the team is working on an XBox 360 port based on the recently recently announced Free60 Exploit.

To quote, roughly translated: XBMC is the center of media excellence by allowing you to manage your movies, photos, music from your PC (Windows, Linux) or your Mac.

With its smooth and friendly interface, discover the many features one of the most successful to date... and it's free. The basis for XBox, it was released on 30 September 2006. XBMC is free software, developed on a voluntary basis by Team XBMC.

From the chat log:

Artik: Hi Spiff: any news about XBMC on Xbox 360 ?
Spiff: Actually, a private team contacted us to port XBMC on the Xbox 360, using the free360 hack, but I can't tell more about the actors.
Artik: Ok, many thx Spiff, tell me when you got more news

Video: XBMC Running on XBox 360 / Ubuntu by Team Cygnos

290w ago - Team Cygnos have posted a video of XBox Media Center (XBMC) running on XBox 360 with Ubuntu launched via the Xell loader by tmbinc.

To quote: We managed to patch XBMC for Linux so that it runs on the XBox 360. It is still a proof-of-concept and does not have sound or 3D acceleration, but it runs!

This is a demonstration of XBMC (Xbox Media Center) running on an XBox 360 with Ubuntu 7.10.

More information on [Register or Login to view links].

Those interested can check out the video below, courtesy of YouTube!

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