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Video: PS3 XMB Live Wallpaper and Icons for Android Phones

214w ago - With the recent confirmation of an official PlayStation App for iPhone and Android handsets, today PlayStationLifeStyle.net (linked above) has shared a video on customizing Android phones with a PS3 custom theme, XMB wallpaper and icons.

Downloads: Android Phone PlayStation 3 XMB Icon Pack / Wave Lite Live Wallpaper QR Code / Desktop Visualizer QR Code

Below is a tutorial on how to theme your Android phone with a PS3 XMB and icons alongside a video of a Droid 2 Global customized with an XMB and PlayStation icons, and to quote:

"First, you'll need to download the Wave Lite Live Wallpaper app from the Android Market by Crazy Zen Lab. The live wallpaper isn't exactly the XMB, but it's the very closest thing to it. Other than the width of the "waves" it's nearly perfect.

The developer even claims in the description that the wave was inspired by the PS3 and PSP. The live wallpaper has settings that you can tweak to your liking. We've...

World's First iPhone Virus Changes Wallpaper to Rick Astley

272w ago - Today Dailymail.co.uk (linked above) is reporting that the world's first iPhone virus has surfaced, which apparently changes your wallpaper to a picture of Rick Astley.

Since the recent jigbreak, those who did not change their root password are vulnerable as it will reportedly turn on the iPhone's SSH service.

To quote: "A 21-year-old Australian claims to be the first hacker in the world to infect the iPhone with a virus.

It spreads between phones with each call but the damage extends to changing the device's wallpaper - to a photo of Eighties pop star Rick Astley famous for his hit Never Gonna Give You Up.

Sydney student Ashley Towns said he wanted to raise the issue of security, adding: 'What I've done has shown that anyone can easily hack into an iPhone'.

Mr Towns' virus can only infect iPhones which have been 'jailbroken' by their owners - an action that allows phone owners to install applications on their phones which have not been approved by Apple."

PSP Wallpaper Changer v1.14 Plug-In out now!

361w ago - Hellcat has updated his PSP Custom Firmware plug-in known as PSP Wallpaper Changer today. The plug-in allows users to set predefined wallpaper images at a specific date, and change/randomize the XMB background behind the waves without writing to flash memory.

Version 1.14 includes numerous bug fixes, along with additional features such as support for changing/randomizing PTF format themes.

Also included in this release are two Windows-based utilities for creating compliant 01-12.BMP files and 480–272x24 images for use with the Wallpaper Changer.

Download: PSP Wallpaper Changer v1.14 Plug-In


* Fixed some lockups during start
* Fixed another conflict with wavepapers in "Once per day" mode
* added PTF changing/randomizing
* Added two PC based (Windows) tools for making propper 01-12.bmp replacements (background behind XMB waves) and perfect 480–272x24 PSP wallpapers you can then use with the Wallpaper-Changer.
Both tools take various image formats in any possible resolution as source images and should make most converting tasks very easy (two mouseclicks, and you're set )

PSP Wallpaper Changer v1.10 Plug-In out now!

361w ago - Hellcat has released an update to his PSP Custom Firmware plug-in, dubbed Wallpaper Changer today.

The plug-in allows users to set predefined wallpaper images at a specific date, and randomize the XMB background behind the waves without writing to flash memory.

Download: PSP Wallpaper Changer v1.10 Plug-In

Version 1.10 includes the following changes:

* Added capability of changing/randomizing the background *BEHIND* the XMB wave lines
(WITHOUT touching the flash0:! So, perfectly save)
Read the notes about this in the readme when having trouble with it!
* Wallpapers are now finally copied BEFORE the XMB loads, so you see the change imediately, not at the next reboot
* Major internal changes (making the plugin pure kernel mode and dealing with the consequences), the usual bug hunting and some cleaning up of the code.
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