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Unannounced PSP Game Dead Nations Revealed by Eurogamer

279w ago - Today a Eurogamer Germany listing (linked above) for GamesCom 2009 appears to have revealed an unannounced PSP title scheduled to be shown, specifically Dead Nations.

Currently nobody has heard of the game, however, according to reports it is expected to be revealed tomorrow in Cologne.

The only facts known are it's name and that it's a PSP game.

Here is to hoping SCEE's presser taking place tomorrow night will reveal more on it!

To quote from the Eurogamer listing: Sony: Gran Turismo PSP, Dead Nations, Eye Pet, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, MAG, Modnation Racers, God of War III (the stand).

XBox 360 Unannounced 'AAA' Exclusive Confirmed for E3 2009

292w ago - Today we received confirmation of sorts that at least one big surprise is due for this year's E3 conference.

Microsoft's E3 strategy for media involves a run of four behind-closed-doors demos which you need to opt-in to blindly prior to the event.

The nature of what is behind these doors is kept secret you see, although in some cases you don't have to be Professor Fink to work out what they are. It's a fair bet that Halo: ODST, for example, takes up one of those slots, but what of the other three? Alan Wake maybe?

One thing is for sure, it sucks when you are trying to manage your busy E3 timetable and you don't know what you are going to see. Last year, for example, I could fit in two Microsoft demos and one of them turned out be You're in the Movies... stoked.

We got word today, however, that one of the four slots is for an unannounced new AAA exclusive. "AAA" is their word not ours, and it was all we were told. Excitement, much?

Is it a new IP, or is it a sequel? The word 'unannounced' removes the likes of Splinter Cell: Conviction, APB, Mass Effect 2, Blue Dragon 2 and the hotly rumoured Duke Nukem: Forever from the possibility list. Technically it could refer to Forza Motorsport 3 which has not been officially announced, although every man...

Unannounced PS3 Exclusives to Explode at E3 2009?

297w ago - Has anyone noticed that many of the most anticipated unannounced projects seem to be PlayStation 3 exclusives?

Not all of them, certainly, but the buzz tends to center on PS3 games that haven't been officially confirmed just yet, and there is the distinct possibility that we could see some huge announcements at E3.

Perhaps first on the list is whatever Team ICO's game turns out to be. We're fairly certain it's exclusive to Sony's machine and we've recently heard that it might be closer to ICO than to Shadow of the Colossus.

Now, due to the huge loyal following that can be attached to either title, it's no surprise that many, many gamers have been waiting on this announcement for quite some time. It's bound to enjoy an unveiling at some point this year, and we figure E3 is the perfect venue.

Next up is the possibility of Kingdom Hearts III, although it's more optimism and hope as there's virtually no concrete evidence to support the theory.

But Square-Enix seems to have come around to the idea of supporting the PS3 - at least, we hope they have - and we're long overdue for another KH installment. It's way too lucrative a franchise for the publisher to abandon it, and the fans really want another game.

And although David Jaffe says he doesn't have...

David Reeves Talks Exclusivity, Unannounced Games and PSP

308w ago - Eurogamer (linked above) recently sat down with David Reeves, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, to discuss his views on the PS3, PSP and where they both stand.

With regards to exclusive games, Reeves toed the company line, stating that "you can't live on exclusivity forever; in the end, you've got to be master of your own destiny."

To quote: By investing in third-party partnerships -- and first-party acquisitions like Guerrilla Games -- Sony removes the need to rely on publishers for exclusive content. "We don't have to go to Capcom or Take-Two and ask for an exclusive. And I don't think we could afford it anyway. In the cold light of day, I would do exactly as those publishers have done and go multi-platform."

When asked about any unannounced PS3 titles for later in the year, he indicated that "there are a couple." Look for those to be announced soon, possibly in "the next four to six weeks."

Reeves goes on to discuss the PSP, saying that the system's need for "better and more original games" has not yet been met, but that "the line-up for PSP in 2009 is two or three times stronger than it was last year."

It sounds promising, especially considering the number of great Japanese games that are in development for the system. Hopefully we'll...

UnAnnounced Classic Sega Games Coming to PSN and XBLA

313w ago - Several unannounced SEGA-made games recently popped up on the Entertainment Software Rating Board's (ESRB) Web site.

Apparently the publisher is using the Wii's Virtual Console as a sort of test bed as the listed titles have already released on Nintendo's System (not to mention the fact that they're also classic games).

Now coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network are Gunstar Heroes, Phantasy Star II, Comix Zone and Sonic The Hedgehog 3.

There's no indication of a release date for any of the titles, but as soon as we get wind of one, we'll let you know.
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