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Video: Super Street Fighter IV with Capcom's Seth Killian

266w ago - Sony's Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has shared a video today on the PlayStation Blog discussing Super Street Fighter IV for PS3 with Capcom's Seth Killian.

To quote: Recently we were granted an hour to go hands on with the follow-up to Capcom's Street Fighter IV. You may have seen some shots of new character Juri, or the resurrected (and redesigned) DeeJay and T. Hawk. You can see them in action in the video below.

Beyond that, Capcom Senior Community Manager Seth Killian (a SF player so good he can beat you [Register or Login to view links]) walks us through some of the new features and moves we'll be seeing when Super Street Fighter IV drops in 2010.

Better yet, he promises to try and get hands on time for some of you readers (like last year's Street Fighter Club and game launch). Go on, watch.


Rant: Microsoft Should Stop Talking About the PlayStation 3

301w ago - We are well aware that when companies are in direct competition with one another (at least, in terms of one specific division), it's perfectly normal to expect each side to take potshots at the other.

In fact, it's even expected. But we've noticed a trend in the past year or so, and we can't decide if it's due to fear on Microsoft's part, or just an unprofessional approach.

Xbox 360 product management director Aaron Greenberg had a lot to say [Register or Login to view links], and too much of it revolved around the competition. We have to wonder if Gamasutra specifically asked him about Sony and the PlayStation 3, or if he just decided to lash out on his own.

We're not going to quibble when it comes to statistics; he's certainly not making them up, and it's true that the 360 outperformed the PS3 in February. However, he also clearly hints at the "fact" that Killzone 2 didn't have any effect; that it didn't prove to be the system seller everyone thought it would be. ...well, there's a serious problem with that train of thought.

Guerilla's gem didn't launch until February 27; the next-to-the-last day of the month, if you're not calendar-proficient. Now, we don't know of any gamers who ran out to buy a PS3 on Valentine's Day in...

Sony's This Is Living "talking urinals" Video available

343w ago - Sony surprised attendees at a recent PlayStation event with talking urinals. The plastic gizmos gave out the following message: "Mate, when the urinal starts talking to you, it's time to call a taxi! Or dance on the bar! Woohoo! This is living!"

To quote: The toilet facilities at the recent PlayStation soiree held in Auckland held a sinister secret. With the harmless-looking plastic objects sporting the "This is living" slogan, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was safe to relieve yourself; until it starts talking.

"Mate, when the urinal starts talking to you, it's time to call a taxi! Or dance on the bar! Woohoo! This is living!"

Experiencing this firsthand was disconcerting enough to reverse the immediate reason for visiting, and creepy enough to encourage me to seek refuge in a cubicle. Kudos to the sick, mad genius in Sony's marketing crew who came up with this one.
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