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Sony Introduces the SOCOM 4 PlayStation 3 Character Squad

227w ago - Sony's Creative Director Ed Byrne has introduced the SOCOM 4 PlayStation 3 character squad today to fans, as follows:

Hey SOCOM fans. Back in March, we announced SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs and shed some light on the single-player campaign, storyline and central characters.

Today, we'd like to provide some intel on the key members of your squad...

Cullen Gray ("OpsCom")
Age: 36
Leading the charge is Operations Commander, Cullen Gray. Born the son of a naval analyst and a civilian geologist, Cullen Gray's service record is the stuff of legends. While renowned for quickly and quietly resolving some of NATO's most tenuous situations, psychologically his profile is still something of a mystery.

Routine profiling shows that he is withdrawn and cynical, choosing to socialize little with colleagues and showing a distinct lack of empathy for those unwilling to comply with his directives.

Park Yoon-Hee ("Forty-Five")
Force: South Korean 707th Special Missions Battalion
Age: 30
Park Yoon-Hee got her start in the Southern Korean 707th Special Mission Battalion. Within eighteen months she was attached to the 45th Special Forces Brigade after the Korean military relaxed restrictions for female...

Video: MAG PlayStation 3 Developer Tips: Squad Leader

239w ago - Zipper Interactive Sr. Community Manager Jeremy Dunham shared a Squad Leader PS3 video today as part of their ongoing MAG PlayStation 3 developer tips series.

To quote: Now that you've learned some general leadership techniques in [Register or Login to view links] from the folks here at [Register or Login to view links], it's time to specialize.

Your instructor for today is Zipper Interactive's very own Audio Manager, Mary Olson. Watch this background video first and then check for Mary's strategies immediately below.

Hi, this is Mary and today we're going to take a closer look at the Squad Leader role - which is the first and most active of all leadership positions in MAG.

As an SL, you're primary focus should be good Communication with your Squad and Platoon, strategic use of Waypoints and the Fragmentary Order system (FRAGOs), and using your Command Assets wisely.

Basic Tips

• If you don't already, you should start playing with a headset. It will make communicating with your team much faster and more effective. Regardless of how you play, though, stay in close contact with your team - assign your squad to objectives, and coordinate. Don't let...

Digital Plumbers Enter the Home

330w ago - Tech support is going mass market, moving out of the office and into homes as the proliferation of gadgetry in the average house makes a geek contact essential.

Tesco is currently trialling its recently acquired PC Guys service in several branches of the supermarket.

And a host of other companies are springing up, promising to troubleshoot all those IT niggles from the comfort of your home.

BBC News spent time with three of the more established services - The Geek Squad, The Tech Guys and BT's Home IT Visit service - in an effort to learn what people are using such services for and how the firms measure up.

If someone needs a plumber or a mechanic there are some basic professional qualifications they can measure them against and, although there are plenty of qualifications available to IT workers, there is no one recognised standard.

With so many independent firms offering home IT support, this could be a problem, says Matthew Poyiadgi, vice president of CompTIA, an IT trades body which designs training courses.

"There needs to be standards in place," he said.

He has seen take-up of its A+ scheme, which teaches people basic computer skills, go up three-fold in the last six years.

"We find guys are doing it as hobbyists...

Ghost Squad Review

356w ago - Despite being the staples of modern arcades, there are hardly any lightgun games on Nintendo formats. Ever since they went all out and created a bazooka instead of an ordinary gun peripheral for the SNES, everyone has steered well clear.

But now that we have a Nintendo format that seems purpose-built for shooters, perhaps we'll see a few more of these arcade conversions popping up. And if they've had as much care and attention lavished on them as Sega's Ghost Squad so clearly has, then bring them on.

Making it your mission
Ghost Squad is a conversion of an arcade game that takes less than eight minutes to complete. You whack a quid in it, point the gun at the massive screen and blast away at terrorists until you either die because you got shot too much, or you make it all the way to the end with a high score.

If you complete a mission, there are two others of similar length. Each had multiple branching routes, so you wouldn't get exactly the same scenes every time, but it's going to cost you another quid every time you want to try a new combination.

For the truly dedicated, there's a memory card system that records your data and tracks your progress on any Ghost Squad machine you may find. But the cost and rarity in this country mean it's just an occasional treat at service...

Eyes-On Ghost Squad

367w ago - Sega's light gun tradition continues on Wii. First impressions inside.

Since the first rumblings of Ghost Squad's Wii release, the IGN Wii team has been pretty optimistic for the shooter's reincarnation on Nintendo's newest system. True; Wii doesn't do exact light gun conversion (at least not yet), but at least the IR adaptation has made it possible for games like Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, as well as Duck Hunt clones in Wii Play and the possibility of House of the Dead or Virtua Cop's revival down the road - should SEGA will it. As the first light gun outing for the Japan-based company, SEGA is pushing the spiritual successor of both Virtua Cop and Confidential Mission (another arcade game that had a brief stint on Dreamcast), as Ghost Squad is now heading to Wii.

Ghost Squad is, in nearly every respect, the next Virtua Cop incarnation. The title has changed, and the game is now more robust, but everything from disarming shots to headshots and a precision score multiplier system is all in tact. In addition, Ghost Squad blends the familiar light gun game with borrowed techniques from Confidential Mission, adding in more context-sensitive challenges that take place in tandem with shooting bouts.

Everything from hand-to-hand reflex challenges to wire-cutting and sniping is included in...
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