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MinimusUSB Announced, Same Price as Teensy and AT90USBKey

230w ago - With the release of the open-source PS JailBreak dubbed PSGroove last week, a new device known as the MinimusUSB AVR USB development unit has been announced and is said to be comparable in price to both the Teensy and AT90USBKey.

According to the official site (linked above), the device is expected to ship to distributors this coming week. This is a USB development board similar to the Teensy and the AT90USBKey.

To quote from Paul Owen: "Presenting Minimus, a high quality production grade AVR USB Development Unit that is clean in design, low in cost and readily available to resellers around the globe.

There are hundreds of projects available for the AVR USB hobbyist looking for a powerful yet cost effective solution. Works with Open Source LUFA USB firmware library and Open Source LibUSB software library. In production and shipping September 2010."


Judge Investigating Pirate Bay Bias Removed for Same Reason

297w ago - The original Pirate Bay ruling was appealed against as the judge was a member of the Swedish Copyright Association, hence there may be some bias in his ruling.

He was then replaced by another judge who has since been dismissed as well, as she too is a member of the copyright associations.

To quote: Jumping for joy at judge's replacement: A pirate, today. So, the Pirate Bay four (Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg and Peter Sunde, Carl Lundström) were sent to prison.

That ruling was appealed because the judge who sent them down - Tomas Norström - was a member of the Swedish Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and the Swedish Copyright Association. The faint possibility of some personal bias raised its head.

He was replaced by Ulrika Ihrfelt, who has now been stood down because she's a member of the Swedish Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and the Swedish Copyright Association.

PlayStation 3 for $250, Same Price as Wii but Includes a Catch

322w ago - Pop quiz: Which is the cheapest current-gen home console? If you said the $250 Nintendo Wii, you'd be wrong – it's actually the $200 Xbox 360 Arcade, which eschews the hard drive, headset and premium cables of its Pro cousin to shed a full $100 off of the regular price.

But though the entry-level 80GB PlayStation 3 usually clocks in at nearly twice that last price – with "no plans" for a March price cut – a new Sony offer will put the PS3 in a very close third-place finish with its rivals. If you're willing and able to sign up for the new Sony PlayStation credit card, you can get a PS3 shipped to your door for exactly $284.

While I would not advocate credit even if the US financial market wasn't currently in death throes due to its mismanagement (I avoid credit cards as a matter of principle) for those who don't feel similarly bound this actually appears to be a pretty good deal.

There's no annual fee, the standard APR is 11% variable, and there don't appear to be any unusually nasty penalties –...

From this Vista, it looks like the Same Old Microsoft

329w ago - Just when you thought it was safe to convert to Windows Vista, Microsoft changes its mind, again. This soap opera is getting to be a little old.

In early October, Microsoft admitted that it didn't discontinue XP in June after all, and would continue selling via system builders through January 2009. This is accomplished via "downgrade" rights: Dell, for example, will sell you a system with Windows XP Professional installed, but it also includes the latest version of Vista.

Meanwhile, you can still buy boxed XP at Amazon, among other places. The June deadline in itself was an extension, and there's some suggestion that, for corporate customers at least, Microsoft may extend the extension of the extension.

Looking a little further down the line, Microsoft may make Vista irrelevant with the release of Windows 7, which could come as early as 2010. Does anyone seriously expect MIS departments to invest in conversion costs and new hardware, a Vista requirement, in the middle of a recession?

As I wrote a while back, Vista is slower and less compatible than XP, but it does cost more. There are some security improvements, but that doesn't matter to the corporate crowd, which deals with security institutionally. Home users should care, but all most notice the more annoying pop-up warnings...

60 Gig Xbox 360 now in Australia: Triple the Storage, same Price

337w ago - From XboxOZ360: The Xbox is giving consumers more gigabytes for their dollar - the Xbox 360 Pro console now comes with triple the storage space of the original 20GB Pro console, but at the same recommended retail price of $499 (RRP*). The new units are shipping into retails stores as of today.

The larger hard drive can be used for storing the growing wealth of digital entertainment available for the console including over 300 Xbox LIVE Arcade games, Xbox Original titles, game content such as maps, new features and content that extends the life of a game.

"Xbox 360 offers the some of the best interactive home entertainment available in Australia and now consumers have three times the storage space to manage the rich content available on Xbox LIVE," said Jeremy Hinton, Xbox Product Marketing Manager. "Xbox LIVE lets your favourite games live side by side with your photo and music library, and the experience is ready to share anytime with friends in your living room or across the globe."

With three entertainment systems available, the Xbox 360 console lets consumers choose the types of entertainment they want to experience. The full contents of the three entertainment systems are:

• Xbox 360 Arcade (RRP AU$349.00*): Includes the Xbox 360 video game console and entertainment...
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