Sony Debuts Rolly MP3 Player

344w ago - Screen-less mp3 player is all about motion control. Will this innovation win Sony a place beside Apple in the mp3 hardware market?

Last month the rumor got around that Sony was prepping another attempt at regaining some market share in the mp3 player market. According to the early leaks the device would use physical movement as its interface and would be shaped like an egg.

Today Sony gave the world the first clear look at the device, which, as the early leaks suggested, is named the 'Rolly.' It is indeed egg shaped, and in relation to the hands in the various pictures, is quite a bit larger than we would have guessed.

The Rolly is equipped with motion sensing capabilities that allow various aspects of its music playback to be controlled by physically moving the device. Volume can be adjusted by turning the Rolly clockwise or counter-clockwise while holding it in hand. Track selection can be accomplished by rolling it back and forth on a surface, and shuffle mode is adopted by shaking the Rolly. Because the device has no screen of any sort, its status and activity will be denoted by the changing colors of the two lighted rings.

At each end of its egg-like body the Rolly sports a 20-mm, 1.2-Watt neodymium magnet driven speaker. Each driver is capped by a protector that flips out...

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