Random PlayStation 3 HDD & RAM Dumping Bug Discovered

240w ago - Today SKFU has shared a bug he found in PS3 Firmware 2.8 (although he said it should be present since 2.0 through 3.0) that allows you to dump random data from the PlayStation 3 HDD and RAM.

To quote: There's a little "bug" in the PlayStation3's NAT test which causes that you can dump random data from the HDD and RAM. Why exactly this appears; I don't know, yet. But well, it is interesting.

The way how to do it is pretty simple. Set up Wireshark on the PC and activate ICS (Internet Connection Sharing).

Connect the PS3 with the PC via LAN and start Wireshark's logging/sniffing feature on the LAN device. Now go to Settings on the PS3 and start a Internet Connection Test in the Network option.

When the PS3 starts the NAT testing it will send default STUN packets together with several IP Fragments. Those both packet types will contain random data which the PS3 grabs from the HDD and/or RAM. There you go.

Random Rant Time!

341w ago - From Seija's Blog on PS3News Forums

Hey guys!
I think I'm gonna start making a thing called Random Rant. So I guess this is the first edition of Random Rant (RR). What will I be discussing today? Well... probably about my life. We'll see where this takes us. Anyways...

Remember when I was blogging about Train Man and about how his story is really touching and all like... inspirational? Well... I still believe that. And I remember that after I watched it, I wanted to grow up and move forward and change like Train Man. Except, today I'm just realizing how much I'm NOT changing, how much I'm not moving forward. Really, it kind of makes me sad. Why? Because I know that still, I'm kind of like the old Train Man, before he started to move forward with his life. You see, I'm still between the phase of anime otaku Train Man and obtaining love Train Man. Though... I'm farther away from obtaining love... >_>

Random Rant (One of Two): Music and Music Teachers

341w ago - From Seija's Blog on PS3News Forums

Alright. Get ready for the second official Random Rant! This time we'll be talking about music and music teachers. (Post one of two. I decided that I needed to go on another rant which would make this post wayyyyyy too long.)

Now, I'm in this study hall with this really... well... annoying and stiff choir teacher. He's all into the whole choir and doing those usual tired songs that probably EVERY SINGLE CHOIR TEACHER TEACHES. Now, don't get me wrong. It's not just the choir teachers. It's the band/orchestra teacher as well. They're so obsessed with doing classical music and marches.

Random Rant (Two of Two): The Music Industry and Artists

341w ago - From Seija's Blog on PS3News Forums

Here's post two of two. This time I'm ranting about the music industry and artists and how stupid some of the songs can be.

I wanted to talk about how pathetic the music industry is now. When I say pathetic, I mean there are really (in my opinion) bad songs out now. Like seriously, when there's a rapper on the radio going "AY BAY BAY, BAY BAY BAY," you know there's something wrong. I'm sure there are some people who like this song, but (no offense or anything), there's no real meaning or FEELING in the song.

Random Rant: Kanye West and MTV

341w ago - From Seija's Blog on PS3News Forums

Random Rant Episode 3: Kanye West and MTV.

So, maybe a week or two ago the MTV VMAs were on. Now, Kanye released a statement about how he felt betrayed by MTV etc. Whatever. He was going on about how he didn't win an award and stuff like that.

Really? He feels betrayed? By who? MTV. Now, last time I checked, MTV has no real MUSIC on the show. MTV is plagued by fricking reality TV shows. Seriously, I thought the M in MTV meant MUSIC. I guess not.

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