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PSPCAP32: Amstrad CPC Emulator for PSP v1.4.1 out!

345w ago - Zx-81 has updated his 8-bit Amstrad CPC emulator known as PSPCAP32 today. The emulator is a direct port of Ulrich Doewich's Caprice32, originally written for Windows and Unix, albeit with various PSP specific enhancements.

In addition to a bug fix regarding CRTC emulation, version 1.4.1 adds support for two virtual drives, allowing users to mount the Amstrad-compatible SymbOS on one, while storing application and game disks on the other.

Download: PSPCAP32 v1.4.1 for CFW 3.X / PSPCAP32 v1.4.1 for FW 1.5


* Bug fix in CRTC emulation (games such as Prehistorik II couldn't be launched previously)

* Two drives (A & B) are now supported, but only drive A can be used to automatically start a game. It might be useful with SymbOS to put the OS disk on drive 'A:' and application disk on 'B:'

PSPCAP32 v1.3.4 Amstrad CPC Emulator update released!

367w ago - Zx-81 has released an update to his Amstrad CPC emulator for the PSP. Version 1.3.4 includes numerous speed optimizations and bug fixes. The full changelog is detailed below.

Download: PSPCAP32 v1.3.4 for 3.X CFW / PSPCAP32 v1.3.4 for FW 1.5

What's new in version 1.3.4:

- Many optimizations to speed up the emulation, frame rate is now 49 fps at 222Mhz in ultra mode, on CPC startup window. Main modifications:

. Z-80 part as been rewritten using several hints such as explicit jump tables for instructions decode
. CRT and sound part has been optimized

- Auto-fire mode, press RTrigger+X to switch it on/off (useful for games such as defend or die !)
- Add new hotkeys to setup auto fire speed
- Bug fix in the low battery watchdog
- RTrigger/LTrigger keys can be used in the keyboard settings menu to navigate between Normal, LTrigger and RTrigger compose mapping.
- New "Command" feature in the emulator menu:
. You have now to choose the command you want to run using arrows.
- Default Hotkeys can now be set in the keyboard mapping menu (useful to add...

PSPCAP32: Amstrad CPC Emulator for PSP v1.3.3 out!

368w ago - Zx-81 has released an update to his Amstrad CPC emulator for PSP. Version 1.3.3 features speed improvements that provide up to an additional 3 FPS when running at 222MHz clock.

Other notable changes include new configurable hotkey settings as well as bug fixes. Below is the complete changelog.

Download: PSPCAP32 v1.3.3 for 3.X CFW / PSPCAP32 v1.3.3 for FW 1.5

What's new in version 1.3.3:

- improve speed (+3 fps at 222Mhz)
- add new hotkeys :
. settings such as fps, delta_y or render mode
can now be directly modified inside the emulator
(no need to enter in the settings menu)
. quick save / quick load current state
(no need to enter in the main menu)
- bug fix in green/monochrome default settings

PSPCAP32: Amstrad CPC Emulator for PSP v1.3.2 out!

373w ago - Zx-81 has updated PSPCAP32 today, an Amstrad CPC emulator for PSP.

Version 1.3.2 features many new additions and bug fixes, including improved IR keyboard support and an option to display graphics in monochrome.

Download: PSPCAP32 v1.3.2 for CFW 3.X / PSPCAP32 v1.3.2 for FW 1.5

What's new in version 1.3.2:

- Option to display in green (monochrome)
- Option to scroll up or down the screen
(when the screen is not properly centered)
- Analog pad can now be used in the file requester
to move faster through the disk/snapshot lists
- Check CPM disk automatically
(and run |CPM instead of RUN")
- Bug fix in the disk explorer menu
(when the number of files on disk was too high)
- IR keyboard works now also in the keyboard settings
- Bug fix in the render function, sometimes the screen
became dark (it should not happen anymore).

PSPCAP32 v1.3.1 released!

374w ago - Zx-81 has released an update to PSPCAP32, a Amstrad CPC emulator for the PSP. Version 1.3.1 represents a major upgrade from the previous release, featuring massive speed improvements and enhanced sound emulation.

Download: PSPCAP32 v1.3.1 for CFW 3.X / PSPCAP32 v1.3.1 for FW 1.5

What's new in version 1.3.1:

- Major Speed improvements, it's really fullspeed even using GU rendering !
45 fps at 222Mhz using the fast mode, >50 fps for any mode at 266Mhz.
- Games on disk are now automatically loaded on startup !
- Menu to explore the disk content and possibly load files with
Basic RUN" command
- Sound improvements
- Add several news options such as one to display (or not) the border,
or to select disk startup mode etc ...
- Bug fix in the keyboard settings menu
(when the virtual keyboard is displayed, then you can still use the
d-pad to select menu items)
- Other bug fix and code cleaning
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