PS3 MultiMAN EBOOTMod and EBOOTFix Tool Updates Released

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159w ago - Today MultiMAN's deanrr has made available new PS3 EBOOTMod and EBOOTFix Tools, which allow users to decrypt and re-encrypt newer PlayStation 3 executable files for use on older PS3 Firmware versions.

Download: PS3 EBOOTMod and EBOOTFix Tools / PS3 EBOOTMod and EBOOTFix Tools (Mirror) / DeanK EBOOTFix with 3.60 Keys

To quote: Here is an updated version of the tools. They now handle properly SPRX files. (thanks to belmondo for the hints!)

There are few important fixes (about path with spaces and wrong byte change which may cause crashes and also fixed PARAM.SFO in RETAIL to be DG type). Don't use previous versions I posted. This package also includes multiMAN 01.16.11 (TEST UPDATE#5) which handles properly SPRX files during SHADOW COPY.

ebootFIX now produces TWO separate folders:

One is [NPDRM] - to be used as PSN-styled game to launch from XMB (to be used with multiMAN's shadow copy)

The other one is [RETAIL] - it will generate the full game structure with all subfolders + all EBOOT.BIN / *.self / *.sprx files.


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