Eye of Judgment Fixed on Retail

338w ago - Now you can judge the game for yourself.

Today Sony announced The Eye of Judgment, its fantasy card game that makes use of the PlayStation Eye, has shipped to retail outlets. Developed with the input of Wizards of the Coast, makers of Magic: The Gathering, Judgment allows players to combat opponents around the world through the PlayStation Network.

"Wizards of the Coast brings experience and credibility to the table as the market leader in the collectable card game industry," said Jeff Reese, director, software marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "Combined with the immense power of PS3 and the new PlayStation Eye camera, we collectively looked to deliver a revolutionary spin on the trading card game genre. The ability to visually interact with cards built around a new franchise will bring in core trading card fans and video gamers alike."

The Eye of Judgment comes bundled with the Eye for $69.99, and includes the battle mat, a camera stand, a starter deck of 30 cards, and an eight card booster pack. Additional booster packs can be purchased from retail stores for $3.99. Sony is planning to expand the card game on a regular basis.

Cool video's can be seen here.

Minor Glitch Halts Ratchet & Clank PS3, Simple Workaround Solves Issue

338w ago - A minor bug in North American copies of Insomniac's Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, which shipped to some stores today and comes packed with the rumble-enabling 1.94 firmware update, may prevent players from starting the title, depending on the contents of their PlayStation 3's hard drive.

Much like Insomniac's previous PS3 effort, Resistance: Fall of Man, Ratchet & Clank mandates a brief setup procedure that copies some files onto the console's HDD. However, an unexpected glitch within the game causes it to read the hard drive as full and refuse to install under certain conditions.

"We recently discovered a bug on the US version of Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction that some of you may encounter the first time you boot the game," Insomniac community manager James Stevenson told Shacknews. "With specific amounts of free space on your drive, you may see a screen that tells you have insufficient space to create game data even though there is plenty of free space on your drive."

Fortunately, the workaround is a relatively simple one. "When this occurs, either delete or add about 500MB of data to your hard drive and the problem will go away," wrote Stevenson. While this may seem a lofty chore to some, the abundance of downloads in the online PlayStation Store means that...

Capcom's sky-high actioner drops in on our senses

338w ago - It's difficult to extrapolate the story, feel and impact of a game you've only seen running in trailer form. But we'll give it a go. Fortunately, Dark Void appears to be the sort of experience you can amusingly call 'WYSIWYG'. Because 'what you see is what you get' doesn't sound funny enough.

Capcom's actioner blends together survival horror overtones (just look at that ghoulish logo), Ratchet & Clank high-octane gameplay and a near-Scientologist story arc. Aliens "create" us, we "banish them to the void", they come back years later a little bit knarked off.

Still, from what we've seen (the trailer, as we mentioned earlier) Dark Void will likely turn out as a Ratchet & Clank style romp, but with men and proper guns, and men with proper guns shooting each other in the head. Because besides a spooky logo and a bonkers plot, everything appears very straightforward. See? WYSIWYG.

That's not to say Dark Void isn't exciting, though. Anything but. The trailer we watched contained several moments that got us itching to play this, as Capcom put it, "vertical combat" game. Our nameless hero dove fearlessly into cloud-scudded skies, leapt up platforms through aircraft fortresses, dodged fireballs, hijacked strange gyroscope-like craft by landing on the pilot from a great distance. Oh, and he shot people...

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Review

338w ago - A lack of reasons for PS2 owners to upgrade to the more expensive PS3 is often said to be why Sony's latest console isn't performing as well as everyone predicted. Big name Sony franchises simply haven't been appearing on the PlayStation 3 as regularly as we all thought they would, with Sony focussing on new properties such as Resistance, Heavenly Sword and Motorstorm. Insomniac looks to be putting things right with its second PS3 exclusive, Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction. Should PS2 owners be thinking about trading in their aging console?

The first thing to hit you when you start the game is how good it looks. Every new console brings about the same old discussion over if game graphics will ever catch up with CG movies, and Tools of Destruction is perhaps the best example yet. It would be foolish to even suggest that the game is approaching Pixar quality visually, but the characters and game world are among the most visually impressive I've ever seen in a video game. Everything is curved, smooth and beautifully animated, giving the game the look of a CG movie, even if it isn't technically as impressive.

After ten minutes or so, when your real neck starts to ache from all the virtual looking around you've been doing (yes, there's a tonne of stuff flying around all the time) what really matters is...

Turok Blowout

339w ago - New multiplayer tidbits, demo info, movies, screens and dinos.

Oh, do we have dinosaur news for you. The folks behind Turok -- a fresh start for the FPS franchise that's scheduled to ship in February -- stopped into the IGN offices the other day to show some new beasts and weapons, but that was just the beginning of their goody bag.

The biggest announcement for you, crazed-Turok fan: a demo is coming.

Yes, if you plunk down $5 at your local GameStop in the early part of November, you'll preorder the game, get a Turok T-shirt and walk away with a 30-minute Xbox 360 demo of the upcoming title. Have you already preordered it? Your store should be holding your demo and shirt. No GameStop around? You can grab the demo at Best Buy in December.

Although the final game will feature three difficulty levels, the demo will be locked on normal and take place during the first quarter of the game -- although it won't reveal the game's opening. If you can't wait to see what's on the disc, check out IGN's hands-on report Monday, October 29.

But don't think you have to wait a full week for big news; during our meeting, Josh Holmes, vice president and general manager of Propaganda Games, gave us the first solid details about the game's multiplayer mode during his visit. Sure, we've...

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