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Monkey Island 2 and New Personal Spaces Hit PlayStation Home

238w ago - Sony Europe's Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has shared the PlayStation Home EU content updates today, which include Monkey Island 2 and new personal spaces among other changes.

To quote: WipEout celebrates 15 years on PlayStation with the brand new WipEout Museum space in PlayStation Home launching this week!

The space also includes a DJ area for relaxing or getting pumped up before a race. Access the DJ decks to pick a track and pick your spot to dance along to the music!

There will be a selection of Monkey Island 2 content this week. There's more coming soon as well, including a bundle pack that includes all of the Monkey Island 2 content that will be released.

Also hitting the stores this week is the latest range of 80's attire from the Playground space. Over at the Mui Mui ship you can pick up the latest crazy head wear with the Domingo hat, along with some new swim wear.

For fans of Just Cause 2, there's a range of great items available this week. The V-store updates this week with a range of Batman shirts.

Been waiting for more Street Fighter IV costumes? Good news this week, then, as we release seven more costumes: Rose, Sakura, Abel, Dan, Fei Long, Gen and Gouken will all be available...

European PlayStation Store PS3 and PSP Update for July 7, 2010

238w ago - SCEE PlayStation Store Manager Mike Kebby has posted up this weeks European PlayStation Store PS3 and PSP update today, as follows:

The recent monkey loving continues with the release of Monkey Island 2, in all its shiny new glory.

This new edition has a new lick of paint, but there is also a wealth of other goodies including the ability to toggle between the new version and the original version (to see just how shiny and lovely the new version actually is) and a fully fledged developer commentary featuring the original creators Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman reminiscing on the making of the game amongst other things.

For fans of the classic series this is a great opportunity to rekindle your love, and for anybody who hasn't played this classic game yet - firstly, what's wrong with you? - secondly, get it now.

There's something called a Resurgence pack for a title you may know called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, I believe it's some kind of shooty game where you hurt people and then cackle manically down your headset, before giving them a teabag to rub in the humiliation. Ah, how I love a good FPS multiplayer session

There's more additional content goodness in the form of Leliana's Song for Dragon Age:...

PlayStation Store PS3 and PSP Updates for July 6, 2010

238w ago - PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen is here with this weeks US PSN update for PS3 and PSP today, as follows:

Hi Everyone - It's time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.

PlayStation Plus

Qore Episode 26 (July Single episode Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
File Size: 1.74 GB

Field Runners (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)
File size: 29 MB

MAG Raven Character Avatar (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)
File size: 106 KB

MAG SVER Character Avatar (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)
File size: 109 KB

MAG Valor Character Avatar (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)
File size: 112 KB

King Zumo Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)
File size: 5.88 MB

Super Stardust HD Sale
Super Stardust HD (PlayStation Plus price $5.00, original price $9.99)
Super Stardust HD Team add-on Pack (PlayStation Plus price $2.50, original price $4.99)
Super Stardust HD Solo add-on Pack (PlayStation Plus price $2.50, original price $4.99)

TikGames/Creat Studios PlayStation Plus Sale
Hamsterball (PlayStation Plus price $3.99, original price $9.99)



PlayStation Network Video Content Update for July 2, 2010

239w ago - PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen is back with this holiday weekends PSN video content updates today, as follows:

Hi Everyone - Time for this week's video store updates.

The Canada Video Store is here! To celebrate we're offering a voucher for a free download of Charlie's Angels just for visiting the Canada store before 7/14!

Vouchers will be mailed out a few days after you visit. While you're there, you can also find many of the latest Hollywood new releases like She's Out of My League and Hot Tub Time Machine, plus episodes of some of your favorite TV shows.

On the US Video Store, go ahead and celebrate Fourth of July with great discounts on episodes of The Crazies Motion Comic and patriotic blockbusters like Independence Day, Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games and more!

Plus there are also deals on Alien vs. Predator and many of the other action-packed originals in the Alien and Predator series. And for the final deal, a gift with purchase offer, buy the new Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief and receive the Percy Jackson theme for your PS3 for free!

Also check out our Fourth of July collection...

European PlayStation Store Update for June 30, 2010

239w ago - Today Ross McGrath of the SCEE PlayStation Store Team has posted this weeks European PSN update, as follows:

For you handheld heroes we've got Everybody's Tennis for your PSP - cracking good fun just like its golf-based predecessors.

Also for those of you who are lucky enough to already have Toy Story 3 launch in your country, we've got the second round of DLC in the form of Woody's Round up for you to enjoy.

Throw in the latest Buzz! Quiz World pack, two new minis (also for PS3, as usual) and a free level kit for LittleBigPlanet and we're all set.

All you PS3 types have it pretty good this week too - we've got the LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 demo and if you missed Death Track: Resurrection or the criminally under-rated Aqua Panic HD when they released, you can now try these out for free too.

We have enormous amounts of DLC for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 for you budding golfers to browse, the Sacktue of Liberty returns for one week only and if you're not already a Fat Princess convert, we've slashed the price just in time for the launch of the Fat Roles expansion pack.

Yes, we're bringing those old Internet favourites, Pirates and Ninjas (and Giants) to the fray. So now you don't need to debate which is better, just get stuck...
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