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Comparison: Is the 40GB PS3 such a bad deal?

361w ago - Is the 40GB PS3 really such a bad deal? We stacked a number of systems side by side to see which gaming console is the best value (at least, in terms of hardware). For example, when compared to the Xbox 360, the $399 PS3 may seem like a pretty good deal, provided you're looking for built-in wi-fi and an HD movie player. These two peripherals cost $99 and $179 each for the Xbox 360.

However, let's not forget that the 20GB Xbox 360 includes some backwards compatibility support (the 40GB PS3 does not). In addition, you get two free games with the system.

The 60GB PS3 is in an interesting position right now, as it currently costs the same as the 80GB model. For the same price, you can get a larger hard drive and a free game. The only difference? The 80GB has more limited backwards compatibility support. Patrick Seybold from SCEA reminds us that "There are no plans to lower the price of the 60GB model. The 60GB model has nearly 95% backwards compatibility, so consumers looking for that feature have the option while supplies last."

Quartermann: God of War 3, Gears of War 2 in 2008

361w ago - Oh, and Skies of Arcadia fans might want to pay attention.

Another month, another batch of rumors from EGM's Quatermann. You know, even though Sony hasn't announced God of War 3, it's coming. In fact, it was already sort of announced. Anyway, the folks at SCEA Santa Monica are already hard at work at preparing Kratos' debut on PlayStation 3, which should arrive during the next holiday season, joined by a little something called Gears of War 2, as well. Oooh.

Epic Games and Microsoft haven't confirmed Gears of War 2 either, but the game's stellar sales (not to mention the cliffhanger ending) is confirmation enough.

PlayStation Store Update for October 18, 2007

361w ago - According to Grace Chen (Senior Manager, PLAYSTATION Store) the following is now available via PS Store:

Hey, everyone. It's time again for the PLAYSTATION Store weekly update.


* Folklore "PlayStation Underground" Demo (free) - Dive deeper into the world of Folklore with the new Folklore™ "PlayStation® Underground™" demo where you will learn more about the characters and story of the game as you sample the game's animated "comic book-like" cut scenes and play through the Fairy Realm as either Ellen or Keats. [File size: 1.26 GB / ESRB Rated T]

* Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Demo (free) - Get in the drift with Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights, the only place where superstar DJs, smokin' hot models and totally tuned cars come into close contact. [File size: 968 MB / ESRB Rated T]

Game Videos:

* Uncharted Tech Dive Video (free) - Sneak peek at the technology behind Uncharted: Drake's Fortune™. [File size: 619 MB (HD)]

* Burnout™ Paradise Steel Wheels Trailer (free) - Rock Paradise City with two and a half tons of heavy metal mayhem! The heavily modified "STEEL WHEELS" Carson GT Concept car was designed specifically for the celebrity with style. Featuring armor-plating and a supercharged V8,...

Drake's Fortune: First hour in four minutes

361w ago - Indiana Jones and Lara croft are names you associate with great adventures and come 7 December, when Uncharted: Drake's Fortune finds its way to PS3, Nathan Drake will be clambering up vines and leaping over ravines and joining that prestigious list.

Drake, as all intrepid explorers are, is on the hunt for a lost treasure buried deep in the heart of an uncharted Pacific Island. Joining him on this adventure is his sidekick-come-reporter, Elena Fisher, who is filming the expedition in pursuit of a scoop. But after their boat gets blown to pieces it's clear this isn't going to be as easy as the pair first thought.

Naughty Dog seems to have found a way to get more kick out of the PS3 than other developers, and have crafted a game that's not only a joy to play but also gorgeous to look at, hell even the AI is good. All this and they've even managed to include a nod to their previous game. Look closely at the wetsuits in the opening sequence and, although obviously not as we remember him; you might just spot Daxter making a cameo appearance.

The first hour of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, which we've crammed into just 240 seconds, is full of set pieces and incredible environments which, if they continue, will make this the PS3 game of the year.

Check out the video below and...

Bionic Commando debut trailer

361w ago - Capcom finally releases the debut trailer of Bionic Commando, the upcoming classic action title rearmed for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Making an amazing leap and swinging into the next generation of gaming, Bionic Commando combines the genius of the bionic arm mechanic with the power of next generation hardware.

Video trailer can be seen here.
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