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Sony to Offer Premium Themes via PlayStation Store Tomorrow

328w ago - Per Ro Hernandez (PLAYSTATION Store Team) via PS Blog today:

The last time I posted it was regarding our special E3 section on the PlayStation Store. This time around I wanted to tell you about a new offering that you'll see tomorrow.

In addition to all the free themes you've already been getting and will continue to get on the PlayStation Store now, you'll have the option to upgrade and purchase premium themes to customize the look of your PS3's XMB.

We have linked up with a few partners, Smobile & Disruptive Media Publishers, to distribute premium themes from PlayStation Network.

They have content offerings that range in type from NCAA College licenses to beauties on the beach to original cartoons and anime. These themes were created specifically for the PS3 and have special backgrounds, XMB icons and, in some cases, sounds.

We have created a new "Premium Themes" section under Themes & Wallpapers for you to easily access this content. Also, for each theme, there is preview option that allows you to view images of the theme prior to making your decision.

We plan to offer approximately 6-10 new "Premium Themes" a month. So be sure to check back often to browse the newest in premium theme content.

Have a good rest...

Tecmo Announces Quantum Theory for the PlayStation 3

328w ago - Tecmo have unveiled Quantum Theory for PS3 in the latest issue of Famitsu. The game looks like a third-person shooter, and will hit Japan in 2009 with Fatal Frame creator Keisuke Kikuchi overseeing the project's production.

According to information obtained from Famitsu, players take control of a man named Sid and set off to destroy the Tower of Light.

As players meet up a female named Firene later in the game, elements of teamwork will be present. However, is not yet known if you'll actually be able to control both characters.

Check out one scan below, with more linked above courtesy of GameKyo!

Sony Shows off PlayStation 3 Line-Up in Toronto

329w ago - Sony converted a downtown Toronto art gallery into PlayStation 3 heaven Tuesday afternoon by outfitting the space with demo stations for dozens of games slated to be released over the holiday months.

Centre stage went to Sony exclusives like Resistance 2, the sequel to the PlayStation 3's top launch title. The second game in this popular sci-fi shooter series continues the story of WWII-era American trooper Nathan Hale as the fight against alien invaders moves from Europe to the United States.

There were half a dozen demo pods running the game, but a pack of excited reporters barred me from taking a turn at the stick. However, the detailed burnt out buildings and horrifically creepy aliens I managed to catch glimpses of over players' shoulders left me with the impression that Resistance 2 could be one of the most visually sophisticated console games of the season.

A first-party game that I did get some controller time on was MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. Disappointing A.I. spoiled the otherwise lovely first game in the series, so I was keen to see if the computer controlled drivers in the sequel exhibited more lifelike behavior than their predecessors. It seems as though they do, but I didn't race enough to know for sure.

And, truth be told, I was more fixated on the game's graphics...

New White Knight PlayStation 3 Details Emerge!

329w ago - Some new details about White Knight Chronicles have emerged, courtesy of Japanese gaming site Game-Star!

Here's the gist of the article:

- Story should last 100 hours +
- Graphics will be at 1080P
- Dynamic battle system, allowing you to chose from the regular sized characters or transforming into the colossal white knight
- Co-op gameplay over the PSN

With TGS right around the bend, expect a lot more from Level-5 on this Sony exclusive RPG.

Tom Clancy's EndWar PlayStation 3 Trophy List Available

329w ago - Notch another game on your Trophy-to-do list. For all you completists out there, here's the list of available PS3 Trophies for Tom Clancy's EndWar. There are 53 Trophies in total: 42 of them are Bronze, 8 are Silver, 1 Platinum, and 2 for Secret.

Huh, no gold, you ask? Actually, those two Secret Trophies are actually Gold Trophies.

Bronze Trophies (42):

* Communication Officer: Complete the Voice Command Trainer.
* First Command: Win the Warning Signs mission.
* Combat Chain Master: Defeat Tanks with Gunships, Gunships with Transports and Transports with Tanks.
* Veteran: Win one match in each game mode (Conquest, Assault, Siege, Raid).
* Road to War: Use Secondary Attack for the first time.
* World in Flames: Win 15 missions in the Solo Campaign.
* Weapon Master: Win a mission by deploying infantry units only.
* Hardened by War: Play 20 Single Player Skirmish matches.
* No Stone Unturned: Win 10 2 vs. 2 multiplayer Skirmish matches.
* Call of Booty: Win 3 missions in a row in Theatre of War.
* Lightning War: Win 30 missions without killing a unit in Theatre of War.
* Blitz: Play 30 missions in Theatre of War city maps.
* Tour of Duty: Disarm 10 minefields in Theatre of War.
* True Patriot: Have one unit fight and...
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