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Square Enix Planning Tecmo Buy Out

306w ago - According to a Reuters report (linked above), Square Enix is planning to purchase Tecmo, owner of the popular Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive franchises.

Today, the RPG-focused publisher placed a bid valued at 920 yen per share, for more than half of Tecmo's shares.

As of writing, Tecmo has yet to respond to the bid, which expires on September 4. If rejected or ignored, Square Enix does not plan to reup the offer, as it is aiming for a friendly transaction.

The move would no doubt broaden Square's portfolio, which consists largely of RPG centric titles.

MSN: It's time for Mario to retire and bow out on a high

306w ago - In a recent editorial Patrick Goss, an MSN journalist, is asserting that it is time for Nintendo to retire Mario. He draws comparison to Disney's Mickey Mouse, who no longer stars in their headline films but still serves as a mascot for the company.

If Mario retires, then Nintendo will focus on more creativity and innovation and not resort to plugging Mario everywhere. So what you do think, time for the plumber to hang up his plunger?

To quote: Take a company like Disney. Even though Mickey Mouse is still the company's mascot and a worldwide megabrand, he no longer stars in their headline films.

And perhaps without Mario to fall back on Nintendo will continue on their brilliant track of creativity and innovation - and not resort to forcing the old workhorse into cameos in games not worthy of his presence.

So, for me, Mario should be allowed to bow out on a high, leaving a legacy that I don't think any gaming character will ever follow.

GC 2008: Wipeout HD Details and Gameplay Video Available

307w ago - O.k., so we've got some Wipeout HD details for you guys!

- The game will run on 1080P @ 60FPS
- It will have Split-Screen mode, and 8 person online multiplayer
- You won't have to use the SIXAXIS
- The game will support trophies + platinum trophy, which is usually saved only for retail games and not for PSN titles.
- The game will support XMB soundtrack, so great for kind of this game!

It's coming pretty soon to the PSN, so start your engines and enjoy this gameplay video courtesy of GameTrailers.


GC 2008 Video: GTi Club+ Compact Cars Gameplay Trailer out

307w ago - A GTi Club+ Compact Cars gameplay (Cam) trailer from GC 2008 has hit the Web. The popular GTI Club arcade game arrives on the PS3 via the PlayStation Store this November.

The game boasts all-new HD visuals and widely expanded gameplay elements.

The caption reads as follows: "Small cars, tight turns, and almost no maneuverability."

Video is available below, courtesy of GameTrailers!


Rumor: Xbox 360's Fall Update Rolling Out Before September 7th?

307w ago - Endsights writes: The rumor reads: "[The $199 SKU will feature] the traditional Arcade goodies (512MB memory card, etc.), the new Fall update pre-loaded as well as a motion controller and a few motion controlled mini games developed by Rare."

Aside from the motion-controller headline, the announcement of the Fall Dashboard Update (Xbox Experience) being pre-loaded on the system should raise some eyebrows.

If this rumor is true-that would mean that the new Xbox Experience would be hitting Xbox 360 consoles in the very near future; probably before September 7th rolls around.

Again, while this is speculation upon speculation, it is definitely something to look out for in the coming weeks.
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