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Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Pack - Remaining Cars Unveiled

311w ago - Criterion Games Producer Jeremy Chubb followed up the [Register or Login to view links] incredible hovering car with details on the rest of the cars in the Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars Pack:

Now it's time to show you the 3 remaining cars.

We're keeping things pretty much under wraps on these vehicles for the moment. After all, we've got a ton of exciting content arriving at the beginning of Feb to tell you about first. But before we get into that, we couldn't resist bringing you the first images of these spectacular vehicles.

Boostin' makes me feel good!

First up the Manhattan Spirit. Not the fastest car in Paradise City, but this reimagining of Burnout Paradise's Hunter Manhattan should keep the spirits at bay.

Fans of the original will know that this underused beauty is great for stunts. This customized special version is even better, but like all the Legendary Cars, this has a trick up its sleeve - hit L3 and boost to find out what it does.

This car does not exist

This is the Carson Nighthawk. Denied by the government and disowned by Carson, this ultra rare version of the Carson GT is the ultimate super pursuit vehicle!

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves to Max Out the PlayStation 3's SPUs

312w ago - The original Uncharted only used 30% of the PlayStation 3 console's SPUs, but the team behind the upcoming sequel are confident that their new title will push the SPUs of the PS3 all the way.

Apparently this will allow for better details across the board, to quote:

There was a point where Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was hands down the best looking PS3 game. With lush environments and such vivd and charasmatic animations, it blew away all competitors. Though Uncharted still looks drop dead gorgeous, it has since been eclipsed by other titles like MGS4 and the upcomming PS3 exclusives Killzone 2 and Heavy Rain.

That isn't stopping Naughty Dog from trying to reclaim it's title with Uncharted 2, though. In a [Register or Login to view links], the developer's co-president Christophe Balestra spoke about how they would be utilizing the PS3 to accomplish this.

"Uncharted used 30 per cent of the PS3's SPUs, and this time we're maxing it out" Balestra explained. This will allow for better environmental interactions, as well as more detailed and believable body and facial animations.

To date, no game has maxed the PS3's SPUs, with even the graphical powerhouse Killzone 2 only using 60% of them.

God of War 3 for PS3 Potential Makes Fallout 3 Dev Feel Faint

312w ago - We're all looking forward to God of War III on PS3, and are especially excited by the prospect of taking Kratos on a Cell processor powered adventure through Hell.

But it seems there's one person in the world who's more excited than everyone else, and that's Fallout 3 lead producer Gavin Carter.

Speaking on the official [Register or Login to view links], Carter said he was most looking forward to upcoming instalments of PlayStation series that haven't seen a true next generation debut, and chief among these is God of War and Final Fantasy.

He said: "Everything I've seen on the new Final Fantasy games has looked fantastic, and I feel faint when I think of the potential of a PS3 God of War game."

High praise indeed, especially when you consider it's coming from the lead producer of a game that for many was the best of 2008.

How does God of War 3 on PS3 make you feel? Let us know in the comments section below!

Red Faction Maxes Out XBox 360 - Volition Turn to XBox 720

312w ago - Red Faction: Guerrilla is one of the marquee releases of early 2009 and easily one of The 60 Hottest Games of 2009. We caught up with producer Rick White to talk about life, the universe and well... everything Red Faction.

Gameplayer: How important is Red Faction in general, and particularly Red Faction: Guerrilla, to Volition?

Rick White: I think for me personally it extends a brand that a lot of Volition is known about, and so for us it's been important to kinda go back to that root, of where Volition came from, and bring that IP back to life in a big way. I think strategically at THQ it's as important as any other project, but I think it's of more personal importance to the team at Volition.

Gameplayer: You've left one competitive genre to enter another, going from a linear first-person shooter to an open-world third-person shooter - how has the team responded to this challenge?

Rick White: I think early on they responded, to be honest, in shock. I was the new kid on the block and once I started seeing the destruction engine and seeing how you were taking damage from this physics-based system I was getting frustrated. We'd bring in testers from the local college and they were getting frustrated because they were getting knocked down by...

Alan Wake: The Real Mystery in This Thriller is When It'll be Out!

312w ago - It's hard to remember a game that has been glimpsed so little and yet generated so much discussion. Admittedly, not all of that discussion has been positive.

In fact, mostly talk of Alan Wake is followed by arguments about whether it will ever come out, if it can possibly live up to three years' worth of hype and - whisper it - if it even exists anymore.

Well, after a year of silence, a new trailer landed last month so we know, at least, it exists. But can it live up to expectations - and when will the game actually arrive on shop shelves?

Release date first, then - because there isn't one. As is Remedy's wont, the game will only see the light of day when completed. The Finnish coders have consistently shaken off any vague seasonal release pushed their way by publishers Microsoft, repeating on their website that the game only debuts once it's done.

That said, almost a thousand days into development and they are, at least, prepared to attach the year 2009 to the project. And, if we were to take a bash, we'd say autumn is a good bet.

In a weird way, Remedy have tried their best to downplay expectations, showing little of the game, revealing nothing of the story and never once, in three years, giving anyone a chance to play it. It could be argued the sense of anticipation...
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