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Nvidia does battle with Intel, Moore's Law

349w ago - Nvidia CEO and co-founder Jen-Hsun Huang's jeremiad against Intel heralds future melees with the chip giant over computer graphics technology. Behind the sound and fury lurks Moore's Law.

Most observers agree that the graphics processing unit (GPU) is gaining on the central processing unit (CPU) as the single most important piece of silicon inside the PC. "When you start looking at a PC today, the (central) processor means less and less," according to Jim McGregor, an analyst at In-Stat. The GPU is simply becoming a better way for PC makers to differentiate in a landscape dominated by Intel CPUs, he said.

The question is, who is going to be the largest provider of that differentiation and what form will it take? The pressure on Nvidia--expressed by Huang on Thursday at an analyst meeting--is understandable, as the company seeks to fend off both Intel and AMD, who are increasingly focused on graphics, said McGregor. "Nvidia faces serious challenges. One of their big customers (AMD) went out and acquired a competitor (ATI) and then (you have) Intel saying we're going into your territory." That has put Nvidia on edge. Intel, not surprisingly, is the biggest threat.

"Intel is going to be as competitive as they can possibly be," said Dean McCarron, founder and principal of Mercury Research. "There...

Star Ocean 4 Scan Shows Amazing Visuals

349w ago - Star Ocean: Second Evolution Japanese TV Commercial video is below...

A Star Ocean 4 from Dengeki magazine scan follows too.

Enjoy guys!


MI6: Do Core Gamers Still Matter?

350w ago - As certain game properties like Rock Band and Hannah Montana push the boundaries of what it means to be a "gamer," marketers consider the importance of reaching out to the hardcore gamer.

As the industry buzzes with hopes of expanding the marketplace beyond core gamers, definitions come into play. At the MI6 Conference, one panel addressed the question of how you can reach gamers as the market fractures.

Craig Relyea, senior vice president of Global Marketing at Disney Interactive Studios began with a definition of terms. "Mainstream is interesting... I think it will change as our industry evolves," adding, "In this context, it means outside of the core audience." He doesn't think this is a discussion that the industry will be having in three to five years - just as movies and music today have market segments, but no 'core audience.' "It should really mean the broadest possible audience."

"As I see it, three key things have happened," noted 2K Games senior vice president of marketing, Sarah Anderson. With Nintendo DS and the Brain Age game, the Nintendo Wii, and the music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, "Games are cool again, and it's not just violence. I think there's something really great about that."

But it also presents challenges. Designers have to change...

The Coming of the Holodeck!

350w ago - Virtuality reality at a desktop computer has always seemed so – how should I say it? – unreal. Now a new generation of inexpensive video cameras that sense 3D information is taking a tiny step toward the Star Trek Holodeck.

Take a peek at the video that Mitchell Kapor and Philippe Bossut posted Friday demonstrating software that allows navigation in virtual world environment without a mouse or a keyboard. Video can be seen here:

Mr. Kapor was the original investor in Second Life and he took up the idea of a prototype navigation system after he and Mr. Bossut began thinking about the implications of cameras such as the prototype from 3DV Systems, an Israeli company that has begun showing the ZCam, a low cost, real-time depth sensing video camera.

The camera can translate human hand motion or body motion into the movements of a virtual character inside Second Life. The demonstration works by placing the camera near the computer screen and pointing it at the human navigator. It is possible to move forward by leaning forward and move backwards by leaning back. It is also possible to jump and even fly around in cyberspace with the correct hand gestures.

It all looks like great fun, but is it, as they say, more than a dancing...

Sony: Microsoft right about downloadable media predictions

350w ago - Well here's one that is sure to cause quite a debate. While speaking at an ELSPA press conference recently, Sony Computer Entertainment UK's Ray Maguire offered his insight on where he sees the direction of gaming media going, saying that within the next 10 years 90% of game sales will be online.

Maguire elaborated on his beliefs, saying: "We have a situation that if you're a retailer you're currently responsible for the goods that come through your chain," he continues "But that's not true with ISPs in the future.

This isn't merely a games industry issue. It's an issue for every industry with companies that have a website, and when we look at user generated content it's a people issue."

Hmm... Well considering Microsoft has said all along they feel they "backed the right horse" and claimed that Sony knows downloadable media is the next big thing, which is why they are implementing it into their plans, do we look at Microsoft trailblazing and say that they are indeed on the right path?

In a recent interview ex Microsoft exec Sandy Duncan told us that "dedicated games devices i.e. consoles (and handhelds) will die [out] in the next 5 to 10 years," he has since gone on to launch his own blog devoted to the discussion.
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