Burnout Paradise Getting Retroactive Trophies in Future Update

303w ago - In a post on the official PlayStation Blog linked above, Criterion Games designer Simon Phillips confirmed that Burnout Paradise will support PS3€s upcoming achievement-like trophy system in a future update after Cagney hits on July 10.

Reassuringly, Phillips clarified that trophy support in Paradise will indeed be retroactive, due to the fact that saves for the title are locked specifically to a single PSN ID.

Any progress you€ve made in the game will be reflected in your trophy list as soon as the update goes live.

To quote: We€re about to hit the third FREE update on July 10th (Codenamed €Cagney€) The first update (1.1) was a bunch of quick fixes and improvements, the second (Codenamed €Bogart€) had more minor improvements and tweaks.

If you€re logged into PlayStation Network and you boot up Burnout Paradise, it will automatically download any updates that are out there. To test if you have them all today - just load up the game and go into an online game.

Codename: Cagney is an entirely new thing though - a free pack full of game changing content, that sets the precedent for future updates: new game modes, vehicles and a new Live Page that will show you details of upcoming calendar events and news from http://www.criteriongames.com.

New Resistance 2 Trailer is out for PS3!

303w ago - The new Resistance 2 Trailer is out for PS3... and it's awesome!!

To quote from the YouTube description, courtesy of ShanePlayPS3:

"Sony have released another trailer for the upcoming title Resistance 2."

Looks sweet, video below!


Jerry Yang is out of choices and he wants Microsoft

303w ago - Just a few months ago, the blogosphere was exploding over the possibility of Microsoft and Yahoo joining up to become an online powerhouse. Would Steve Ballmer be able to pull the deal off? Would Jerry Yang bite?

We all anxiously waited for what could be. But after a lengthy deliberation, political jockeying, and pleas for help, Microsoft walked away after Jerry Yang did everything he could to kill the deal.

But the story didn't quite end there. Since then, Microsoft and Yahoo have gone back to the table twice. First, Microsoft entertained the possibility of acquiring Yahoo's search for $1 billion and a buyback of Yahoo stock for $8 billion. After that deal fell through, we once again thought it was over. But now, they're back to talking about a full buyout and Jerry Yang, not Ballmer, is starting to look like the CEO who really wants to get the deal done.

In a recent interview with the Financial Times, Ballmer was hopeful that Microsoft could make some ground in the online business and said that his company has only one place to go: up. "We're small; the other guys are big," he said. "There's a market out there. We have only one way to go, and it's up, baby, up, up, up, up, up!"

Hysterics aside, Ballmer still has a plan in mind. Aside from the fact that his company...

GameTrailers Bonus Round - Sony E3 Preview Video out!

303w ago - Bonus Round Episode 23: Part 2 - E3 Preview is part of GameTrailers ongoing coverage of the 2008 Electronic Entertainment Expo, which is more recently referred to as the E3 Media and Business Summit.

For those who didn't know, it is an annual trade show for the computer and video games industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It is used by many video game developers to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware.

This weeks Bonus Round covers "What does Sony have in store for the PS3 and PSP for the remainder of 2008?" Enjoy guys!


Dutch Authorities Arrest Outspoken Steam Hacker MaddoxX

303w ago - According to a report from German newspaper NRC Handelsblad, Dutch authorities arrested the 20-year old computer hacker Jasper Houben last Tuesday evening.

Known in the underground community under his online pseudonym of €MaddoxX,€ Houben ran an anti-Valve forum known as No-Steam, as well as the piracy group €EMPORiO,€ which specialized in releasing cracked copies of Valve€s Steam titles, including Counter-Strike and Half-Life 2.

MaddoxX made headlines back in April of 2007 when he posted a threat letter to Valve on his No-Steam Web site, publicly revealing sensitive data on a number of subscribers to Valve€s Cyber Cafe service in the process.

Not only is he being charged for hacking into Valve€s servers, but also for downloading an in-development version of Activision€s Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, as well as stealing credit card data on 50,000 customers from an English tickets site. To put it simply: he€s screwed.

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