PlayStation Store PS3 and PSP Update for August 10, 2010

193w ago - Sony PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen has posted up this weeks US PSN update today, as follows:

Hi Everyone €" It€s time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.

PlayStation Plus

Qore Episode 27: August 2010 (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $2.99)
File size: 1.43 GB

Red Faction Guerrilla Game Trial (Free and Exclusive to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)
File size: 5.86 GB

PixelJunk Racers 2nd Lap (Early Access for PlayStation Plus Subscribers; PlayStation Plus price $5.24, regular price $6.99)

High Velocity Bowling (PlayStation Plus price $5.00, regular price $9.99)

WipEout Fury DLC (PlayStation Plus price $7.99, regular price $9.99)

UNCHARTED Eye of Indra Comic Bundle (PlayStation Plus price $1.25, regular price $2.49)

Aero Racer €" Minis (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

Nebula Tunnels Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)


1942: Joint Strike €" Sale (now $4.99, original price $9.99)
Section 8 €" New Sale (now $24.99, original price $29.99)
Matt Hazard: Blood Bath And Beyond €" Permanent Price Change (now $9.99, original price $14.99)


Sony PSP Digital Comics Store Update for August 4, 2010

194w ago - Sony PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen has posted up this weeks PSP digital comics store update today, as follows:

Here€s this week€s PlayStation Store Digital Comics update.

Free Comics

Superman: War of the Supermen

A world-shattering war is coming thanks to General Zod, and only Superman can save the day€ This comic is set to change the whole DC universe, no less! This is the start of a great series €" you can€t miss out.

New Arrivals

This week we have the release of four new issues of Vampire Hunter D Volume 2! Good news for the manga and horror fans out there. For those who haven€t caught-up, the mysterious D is back to investigate a chilling murder mystery.

A new breed of vampires appears, a beautiful villager with a shady past offers her help, and the plot thickens. Now we have all six issues of Volume 2 there for you to read, enjoy.

Back in this world (probably), Captain America returns this week with six more issues €" and it€s not just any issues we€re bringing you there. This here is the full second arc of a very traumatic storyline for our hero€ I won€t spoil it for those who don€t know, but you should be worried!

European PlayStation Game Store Update for August 4, 2010

194w ago - Today Ross McGrath of the SCEE PlayStation Store Team has posted up this weeks European PSN update, which comes in to land with a cargo hold full of goodies.

To quote: We€ll start with the portable content because along with a PSP version of the recently released Groovin€ Blocks, we€ve got a much requested title €" Powered by Namco€ it€s Ridge Racer! A true classic and still one of the best driving experiences on PSP.

Remember last time you saw me I teased you about one of my favourite PSOne Classics coming to the store? Well brush off your fighting gloves and prepare to beat the heck out of a grown man wearing spandex trousers and a jaguar mask because it€s here, it€s Tekken 2 and, while it€s not quite as fast-paced as more modern fighters, it€s still brilliant.

For your TV€s best friend we€ve got a good selection as well €" Gundemonium Collection brings the €bullet hell€ genre screaming onto the PSN with three games in one: Gundemonium Recollection; GundeadliGne and Hitogata Happa.

If you feel like punishing your trigger fingers and generally view blinking as a waste of time, these are the games for you. Not convinced you need all three games? Well okay, we€ll let you buy them separately too but don€t say we never do anything for you.

Sony PlayStation Store PS3 and PSP Updates for August 3, 2010

194w ago - Sony PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen is here with this weeks US PSN update today, as follows:

Hi Everyone €" It€s time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.

PlayStation Plus

Highlights for 8/10:

€ Red Faction Guerilla €" Game Trial
€ Qore August Episode
€ PixelJunk Racers Second Lap €" Limited time discount €" Early release for PS Plus members only

Last Chance, Get Them While You Can €" Coming down next Tuesday (8/10):

Field Runners €" Mini €" FREE
Super Stardust (PlayStation Plus price $5.00, original price $9.99)
Gravity Crash (PlayStation Plus price $5.00, original price $9.99)

Discounted DLC
Super Stardust HD Team add-on Pack (PlayStation Plus price $2.50, original price $4.99)
Super Stardust HD Solo add-on Pack (PlayStation Plus price $2.50, original price $4.99)
Resistance 2 Aftermath Multiplayer Map Pack (PlayStation Plus price $2.00, original price $3.99)

Themes (Free to PlayStation Plus subscribers)
King Zumo
MAG S.V.E.R Dynamic Theme
MAG Raven Dynamic Theme
MAG Valor Dynamic Theme

Qore €" July Episode



European PlayStation Store PSN Update for July 28, 2010

195w ago - SCEE's PlayStation Store Manager Mike Kebby has posted up this weeks European PSN update today, as follows:

An old friend returns (for the first time on PlayStation since 1995); Earthworm Jim HD is a remake of the old classic €" which I may add was hard as nails, I never actually completed it €" and features all the old favourite characters and levels, but now comes with added HD shininess, additional levels and a multiplayer mode.

I for one am I very excited, and will be doing my best to actually complete it this time!

We have two additions to the PSone roster on the store; Pong and Rayman 2: The Great Escape. I know it€s been quite a wait to get Rayman 2 onto the store, and we€re very pleased to say that it€s now available, so grab your copy and help Rayman defend his world against the pirate invasion!

As for Pong, you know what to expect and it needs no further explanation really, other than this version (originally released in 1999) comes with 3D graphics and power-ups.

That€s not all for PS3 though, we have the Madden NFL 11 demo for instance as well as much more; I refer you to the full list below for the full details.

As for your PSP needs this week there are two Harry Potter games available, a demo for Worms: Battle Islands, and...

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