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GDC: New action IP will be deeper than Enemy Territory

348w ago - Talking to videogaming247 ahead of GDC in San Francisco today, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars developer Splash Damage has confirmed that it's now working on a brand new IP - an action project leading on PC - and that it will be as "deep, or deeper" than last year's id franchise-shooter.

The studio is currently negotiating a deal with an unspecified publisher on the new title.

Start of work on the game is responsible for the studio's recently announced recruitment drive.

"We want to demonstrate that we can do something completely new," said Splash Damage owner Paul Wedgwood, adding that ongoing attempts to make Enemy Territory: Quake Wars easier on new players had informed the entire approach to the new game, with "a third" of the company's efforts going into making an interface to help out newbies.

"Accessibility is the key," he said. "The new game will be as deep, or deeper, than Enemy Territory, but easier to get into."

Wedgwood said that the PC remained the key focus for prototyping and development at Splash Damage, with Texan developer Nerve Software handling the company's console versions.

"The PC is really strong," he said. "But you have to develop specifically for the PC, because back-porting from consoles just doesn't...

Evolving Aquaria: From Bloody Shooter To Indie Exploration

348w ago - Indie darling Aquaria may be best known for its serene underwater setting and gorgeous hand-painted artwork, but its genesis lies in one of the most twisted, most violent video games ever created, I'm O.K.

That game, designed in part by "attorney" Jack Thompson, was part of the self-described school shooting expert's "A Modest Proposal" an ultra-violent game concept that was supposed to elicit a $10,000 pay out from Thompson, should someone be bold enough to make it.

Jack, as expected, welshed on the promised charitable donation when I'm O.K. hit the Web, but the freeware shooter garnered the attention of Aquaria co-creator Alec Holowka.

At GDC today, the two creators walked attendees through the undersea exploration game's development, from Yu's and Holowka's early programming experience with BASIC to early stabs at freeware. It was Holowska's Deep Sea Adventures, an early oceanic summer project, that bears the most resemblance to the final game, more so than any of the co-creator's other games.

The two creators hooked up after the release of I'm O.K. when Holowka praised the game in a Slashdot thread on the subject. Yu, who says he was very cynical about the idea of indie games and their potential nonetheless partnered with Holowka on what would eventually become Aquaria. Holowka,...

Major LotRO announcement planned for Connect 2008

348w ago - Codemasters confirmed this morning that a "major announcement" concerning The Lord of the Rings Online will be made at its Connect 2008 conference in Birmingham next month.

The news will hit at a press preview on March 14, ahead of the public event on March 14-15. There are no details on what to expect as regards the LotRO update, but a presentation by developer Turbine has been confirmed.

The preview will also allow the first ever hands-on with NetDevil's Jumpgate: Evolution, the recently signed sci-fi MMO.

Haze: Big improvements made, will be released very soon!

348w ago - A post in the Official Ubisoft Forums by a Free Radical Staff:

Sorry guys but Haze is NOT Duke Nukem Forever

Normally we have to be a bit careful about what we say on forums in case it incurs the wrath of Neko or Dr. Doak for giving too much info away, but this time I'm very safe in saying that Haze is coming.

While we can't explicitly say what improvements we've made (I'd love to tell you all the cool stuff we've been putting in!...but I also love my job too lol) I can guarantee you that the extra bit of time has made a big difference for the better.

We understand the frustration caused by shifting things around a bit, but we just want to make sure things are right for the people who'll be playing Haze *very* soon...

Singh’s Top Ten Real-Time Strategy Games of All Time

348w ago - If you haven't guessed already, this week's feature deals with the Best Real-Time Strategy Games of all time. Clearly it's something incredibly hard to decide, especially considering just how many awesome Strategy games that are out there right now, not counting eternal classics that have withstood the test of time to this day.

No, I'm not talking about ancient pieces of history like Dune II or Civilization. Indeed, for a long time the only seeming piece of strategy a computer was considered to exhibit was a simple (yet incredibly complex) game of Chess.

Chess was where it all began; simple white vs black, a set piece of units and a board to play on. Many early Strategy games were surprisingly, simply digital versions of Chess. Back then, whole computers were dedicated to making veritable opponents for human players and for a while it was truly the first 'Strategy' game for what was considered 'digital media' way back in the 1960s and '70s.

This, of course, has been ever changing up to the more recent (and more famous) Deep Blue and its prodigious cousins. Granted, the entire thing would be considered more of a console Strategy Game if you want to be a technical bitch - but they are Strategy Games nonetheless.

Of course we aren't here to discuss centuries...
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