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PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.51 Released, for Demo Units Only?!

301w ago - Usually PlayStation 3 Demonstration Firmware updates follow the official Retail console updates. Strangely, this time PS3 Firmware 2.51 was released for the Demo unit first.

Download: PS3 DEMO Firmware 2.51 (US) / PS3 DEMO Firmware 2.51 (EU)

This could be a result of conflicts with the Recovery Menu and the Demonstration unit itself perhaps.

BTW the password to unlock PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.5 Demo units is 6258. ;-)

Speed up your PlayStation Network Downloads with Auto-Installs!

301w ago - Tonight I was downloading some content I had been missing out on the last week due to band rehersals and some light work here and there...

Now normally I would've just background-downloaded all of my stuff and walked away from it until it was done - I'm glad I didn't.

A big complaint with the PSN is the fact when you download something of the store you then have to install it. This means the long process becomes longer...

Well, tonight I found out that if you que up all you want to download and individually download it from the store menu or your drop down download list, without doing a background download, it not only increased my speed from an average of 1MB every 4 seconds to 1MB every 1 second to 2 seconds, but it also pre-installs your content for you. So you don't have to go back out and manually do it from your PlayStation 3 XMB.

Now, I have a fast connection and I often average 1MB per second anyways, but a lot of times it's not a constant 1MB per second... Sometimes it drops down to where I am only getting 1mb every 3 to 4 seconds - With this method it was much faster than just putting them all on the background and letting it do it for me.

It might not be as convenient, but it sure went a lot faster. I got over 1.4GB of downloads in under 7 minutes flat...

Global Approval Process in the Works for PlayStation Network

301w ago - Hate the long delays between game releases in America, Europe and Japan? Well, that may be over, according to a report by GameDaily.

A change in the game approval process means developers can submit to just one territory, and gain approval in all.

To quote: "Previously games had to be submitted separately through Sony Europe, Japan, and America. Now, the game idea is sent through a single website for approval."

Sony is hoping this will encourage even more developers to release their games on PlayStation Network.

They'll continue to tout the benefits of the PSN: it's free, doesn't require a publishing partner, and can be distributed around the world simultaneously. Will developers be able to refuse this kind of offer?

UnBar v0.1 .BAR File UnPacker for PlayStation 3 Released!

301w ago - Today PSP developer FreePlay has released UnBar v0.1, which is an expansion of UnBeat (also linked below, unpacks PSN game 'Beats' .BAR files). UnBar processes the .BAR files from the Home BETA for PlayStation 3.

Download: UnBar v0.1 for PS3 / UnBeat for PSN / Home 0.86 XML / Home BETA 0.86

From the ReadMe File: To use this program, just drag/drop a .BAR file onto the .EXE, or run it from your command prompt/shell with the .BAR file as the argument.

I can't guarantee it'll work ALL the time, but it seems to work OK with the Home Beta 0.86 files. It can correctly identify the following:

* Various types of XML files used by Home
* Unicode XML files
* Java classes
* MIG, PNG, and TGA images
* MP3 and VAG audio
* Lua scripts (almost all the time)
* Autocad .DRW files
* Havok physics files
* Shaders
* Scene packs
* .DDS textures
* Home model files

It renames the following unknown types:
* mr04
* fd05
* sk08
* agf
* klBS

PlayStation 3 Could Be Sony's Last Console?

301w ago - Things haven't been going over too well in the Sony camp since the launch of the PS3. While it sold faster than the PS2 in comparison to its launch, the PS3 has been a financial pain in Sony's side for the past two years.

The added state of the rest of the economy have finally culminated in Sony seeing 10% of their market share value drop rapidly. So what does this mean for the PS3?

In a story by rte (among many others) Sony's operating profits are expected to drop by an inexcusable 65%. Competition has been stiff. And even though many reporters blame the Wii, it's actually Microsoft's Xbox 360 that has been eating into Sony's gaming sales.

It wasn't the Wii that the PS3 lost Devil May Cry's exclusivity to, nor was it the Wii that gave gamers an alternative for games like BioShock, Eternal Sonata, Unreal Tournament 3 and Fatal Inertia. Said games helped give Microsoft an edge in giving gamers a cheaper console option for the same gaming titles.

It also wasn't the Nintendo Wii that stiffened sales for the PS3 so much as it was the Xbox 360 preventing the PS3 from selling the way it could have. This is not to say that Sony would have gained any ground against Nintendo's ferocious little Wii had the 360...
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