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Review: Resistance 2 for PlayStation 3

298w ago - Two years after the initial release of Resistance: Fall of Man Insomniac Games brings us the second installment of Resistance.

The game has been hyped as being bigger and better in every way. Now that the game is finally out, does it stand up to the hype machine or leave players aching for just a little bit more?

Resistance 2 picks up right where the first game left off. Nathan Hale is rescued and brought back to the states where the Chimera has refocused their attacks in huge numbers. In a sense HUGE is the word to describe Resistance 2.

Everything about it is huge. From the bosses, to the levels, to the multiplayer etc. Everything really is that much bigger, but not necessarily better. For starters the story is simply not all that good. While the first game had a narrator filling in the gaps between levels.

Resistance 2 relies solely on short cut scenes. They are animated well and make for good eye candy, but in the end they just don't do much to progress the story from the first game.

I often found myself trying to figure out just exactly what the plot was this time. In the end the story just boils down to a jumbled mess of cut scenes and thin plot lines. During the campaign mode you will be treated to some of the best graphics this generation.

PlayStation 3 Outselling XBox 360 in Europe, Wii Still On Top

298w ago - Nintendo has released figures for 2008 hardware sales in Europe, which reveal the PS3 is outselling the Xbox 360 - though the Wii is still laughing in both of their faces.

As reported by GamesIndustry.biz, more than 10.4 million Wii consoles have been shifted in Europe this year. The high point for Nintendo was April, when nearly 180,000 units were sold. The figure for Xbox 360 during the same month was around 90,000, as it was for PS3.

Overall, PS3 sales are said to exceed those for Xbox 360. However, Microsoft's console proved more popular than its rival during October, when a price cut boosted sales to more than 60,000 units.

The DS has beaten the PSP over the course of the year. In July Nintendo shifted 225,000 handhelds, while the PSP reached a peak of 50,000 units during the same period.

Call Of Duty: World At War PlayStation 3 Theme Available

298w ago - Here is my Call Of Duty: World At War PlayStation 3 Theme!


• 15 Backgrounds
• 2.5+ Compatible
• V 1.1: Added new Icons, made the Icons darker, added custom Pointers

Download: Call Of Duty: World At War PS3 Theme

PlayStation 3 Retail, Demo, and Debug Consoles - Oh My!

298w ago - Many people have been wondering exactly what the differences are between Development and Retail PlayStation 3 Systems, and we figured now would be a great time to clarify these along with reporting some new findings.

Aside from the different hardware revisions of the PS3's motherboard, the systems are virtually the same as mentioned in previous posts. We have examined multiple PS3 TEST's, Retail PS3's, Demo Unit PS3's, and even Factory Mode PS3's, and found that there are no hardware differences between them at all.

Mind you, there are differences, but they are due to the hardware revision, not due to the systems themselves. To make that more clear, the units are identical to their counterparts of the same hardware revision.

So, the question is- what's the difference? Software!

We all know the difference is in the software, and after examining countless dumps from these systems, on top of flash dumps given to us by you, our loyal readers awhile back, here is some feedback.

We have found that on each system which carries the same PS3 Firmware, that the majority of the software is actually identical. That's right, the same hypervisor, and the same kernel too!

Earth to Sony: The PlayStation 3 Needs a Price Cut!

298w ago - A short time ago Sony Computer Entertainment executive Ray Maguire was quoted in response to a question about a PlayStation 3 price cut.

"Well the pressure comes from the consumers obviously and so therefore there's always pressure on price," admitted Maguire, "but you know we have a business to run, and we have to make sure we're doing the right thing for the shareholders as well."

I am sorry, what? I know I am not a CPA, a high ranking business analyst, nor a senior executive at a multi-billion dollar company, but I can do basic math. Microsoft recently had some major price cuts on their hardware and has seen a big hardware surge in North America and especially Europe as a result. So let's break out some hypothetical numbers shall we?

Let's say Sony reduces the cost of their standard 80GB unit from $399 to $325, I know this is a big drop but work with me on this. Let's assume with this price change they are no longer making $75 per unit on the console, but in fact break even on it.

Again this is all me making up numbers, but bear with me. Let's assume that Sony...
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