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Nintendo Wii Homebrew Disc Channel v0.2 Released

303w ago - Per Wiibrew: Using the Homebrew Disc Channel, you can load homebrew programs from regular ISO9660 DVDs. It supports (sub)directories.

Note: the name Homebrew Disc Channel is actually wrong; the program was intended as either an add-on to the Wii Disc Channel or a separate channel, but due to the fact that BootMii will need a SD card to load, turning this program into anything other than a regular homebrew program will be useless in a couple of months.

Download: Wii Homebrew Disc Channel v0.2

- Some way to run homebrew
- DVDx

- Rename programs to boot.dol and put them in separate (sub)directories on the DVD.
- Burn as ISO9660 DVD.
- Put disc in console and start program.
- Follow on-screen instructions.

- Support for (parts of) meta.xml, to show friendly program names
- Graphical interface?

Nintendo Wii Homebrew Browser v0.2.3a Update Available

311w ago - As the title says, the Nintendo Wii Homebrew Browser v0.2.3a Update is now available. To quote from the link above:

- Wlan adapter should now work with the HBB
- Applications should now be detected properly
- When applications are downloaded/deleted from the popular category they will now appear correctly in other categories and vice versa

Download: Wii Homebrew Browser v0.2.3a Update (or run HBB on your Wii to update)

As lots of users were having problems, the HBB has been updated to v0.2.3a which should now fix the issues. If there are still outstanding issues, please let me know.

Nintendo Wii Backup Launcher v0.2 Released and Source Code!

311w ago - Today ciper of GBATemp (linked above) has shared Wii Backup Launcher v0.2, an unofficial binary build of WiiGator's recently released source code with changes.

Download: Nintendo Wii Backup Launcher v0.2 / Nintendo Wii Backup Launcher SRC

From the ReadMe:

Purpose: Launch Wii DVD backups. This is a source code only release. You need to compile it using devkitpro (PPC + ARM).

Author: WiiGator

Compiling Order:

Run "make" to compile:
1. extractpartition
2. dip_module
3. copy dip_module/bin/dip_module.elf to cios_installer/data/dip_module.elf
4. cios_installer
5. backuplauncher

Create DVD: To create DVDs you need extractpartition. Don't call this patching. It only decrypts the DVD. Patching is done within backuplauncher.

1. Run extractpartition
2. Burn output file to DVD-R (raw iso)


1. cios_installer - if you get an error message like "-1017" then you need first to uninstall IOS249.
2. dvdx, choose IOS249
3. backuplauncher cios_installer will install a custom IOS v6 which is same as Waninkokos cIOS v5. You don't need...

CWCheat v0.2.2 Rev D released for PSP!

313w ago - Weltall has updated CWCheat today, from his e-mail:

Here it is a new version of cwcheat: 0.2.2 REV.D

This release is primarly centered on optimizations which allowed to reduce the binaries of about ~15kb. Additionally there were some fixes in the check of the fw version for the sony msfatmod bug, a function which shows when a defined adress changes (check the cheat search menu) and command line support for the pointer searcher.

Download: CWCheat v0.2.2 Rev D


- [ALL] Now > 4.x firmwares are checked for the sony msfatmod thread suspend bug and the check of the memory stick space is disabled to avoid a freeze situation.
- [ALL] Optimizations in the firmware checking
- [ALL] Added support in the gui for setting a button combination to open the text reader directly
- [ALL] Added the possibility to have cwcheat look after a certain adress and show changes happening to it (you can access it from the cheat search menu)
- [ALL] Updated the pointer searcher to allow use from the command line. These are the arguments it takes in order to use it this way: -cli
- [ALL] updated the toolchain to the latest version
- [ALL] Various optimizations which...

Wii GameCube Homebrew Launcher v0.2 Update Released

314w ago - A new build of the Wii GameCube homebrew launcher is now available. For those who aren't aware, as the name implies it allows you to launch GameCube homebrew on the Wii.

Download: Wii GameCube Homebrew Launcher v0.2

Changes in Version 0.2:

1. Support for front SD slot.
2. GameCube disc should work normally.

Background Information:

DOL loader is patched into MIOS. If Wii switches to GameCube mode, the DOL loader is always started. The loader will start GameCube homebrew if loaded by GCBooterHomebrew. The loader launches the normal GC loader if no homebrew is detected. This behavior can be disabled by reinstalling a normal MIOS. I don't have a GameCube disc, so I don't have tested it.

Installation Steps:

1. Copy RVL-mios-v5.wad.out.wad into root of front SD card (This file is not part of the archive and is located on Super Mario Galaxy Disc (EU)). If you use a different version, this is on your own risk. The MIOS patching wad installer will only allow to install MIOS. This can only break the GC mode. Loader should not patch any starlet code.

2. Patch MIOS using MIOSPatchingWADInstaller. CAUTION: I can't test if GameCube disc are still working, but it...
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