PlayStation Tips #4 - DLNA media server

329w ago - Some of you may have heard the term €DLNA€ on this blog or elsewhere, and the term has been discussed recently with the 2.10 firmware update that added DivX video support.

For those who aren€t familiar or want a refresher, DLNA stands for Digital Living Network Alliance €" it€s basically a group of companies developing technology to make it easier to share videos, music, and photos between devices. PS3 is DLNA-compliant, so the system can €talk€ to your PC and access media files on your PC€s hard drive. There are multiple ways to setup DLNA on your PC, and Eric Lempel covered one of them here. Another great option is TVersity.

What€s cool about PS3€s DLNA feature is that it€s not limited to your living room. Combine the feature with Remote Play, and you can play back media files using your PSP wherever there€s a Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you€re traveling for the holidays and you€re stuck at the airport, DLNA and Remote Play won€t make your delay any shorter, but it can certainly make the time go by faster.

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