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Tretton: Gamers Coming back to us, People are Choosing the PS3

310w ago - The President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA), Jack Tretton, has told the Financial Times that he has no qualms about Sony meeting their corporate goals and selling every PS3 they manufacture.

Tretton was also asked whether the consoles stands now after a shaky first years. "Gamers are coming back to us, we are selling a higher percentage of games such as Madden NFL and Grand Theft Auto, because people are choosing the PS3 [over the Xbox].

Sales are up over 100 per cent and we are tracking well ahead of what we expected." Tretton replied.

To quote: Where do you stand right now in the console wars after a somewhat shaky first year?

Gamers are coming back to us, we are selling a higher percentage of games such as Madden NFL and Grand Theft Auto, because people are choosing the PS3 [over the Xbox].

Sales are up over 100 per cent and we are tracking well ahead of what we expected. We are having success in multiple markets and, coming up to the second anniversary of the PS3, we are right where we wanted to be.

High Voltage Ask for Gamer's Input!

312w ago - High Voltage Software, the company behind development of the much anticipated The Conduit, have said that they want gamer input on how to control The Conduit on Wii. CEO of High Voltage Gaming, Kerry J. Ganofsky had this to say:

From the start of the project our primary goal has been to make the definitive first person shooter for the Wii, and specifically for core gamers. Asking core gamers for their input is just a logical extension of that rationale

The commands are as follows:

• Move Forward/Back
• Strafe Left/Right
• Jump/Activate
• Shoot Weapon
• Target Lock
• Crouch
• Reload Weapon
• Scope/Binocular Mode
• Switch Between Weapons Carried
• Switch Between Grenades Carried
• Pause Menu
• Swap Between Weapon Carried and Weapon on Ground
• Equip ASE (All-Seeing-Eye) / Special
• Aim Reticule/Turn Camera
• Melee Attack
• Throw Grenade

If you wish to submit an idea, the conditions are the following

• Assume that you are using the standard Wiimote and Nunchuck controller combination. That means NO Motion Plus
• Motion Control is allowed, however be sure to describe the movement clearly so that the dev team can use...

25 Reasons Gamers Annoy Non-gamers!

319w ago - Sure, a lot of the mistrust between gamers and non-gamers comes from simple miscommunication, but that doesn't mean some points aren't valid. Below are 25 popular (and not so popular) reasons why gamers annoy those who don't play games.

1. Halo is not a sport.
That's great that you're really into playing online games, but they're not a sport. Not anymore than playing Boggle competitively is. Doing something where you get physical exercise rather an avatar is the first step to playing a sport.

2. The controllers are indeed too complicated.
Nintendo isn't crazy. The controllers for the PS3 and Xbox 360 are unwieldy, especially for someone who last played a video game in the Pac-Man or Super Mario Bros. era. Manipulating it is a skill lacked by many, so why be annoyed at them?

3. No, I have no clue what happened in Mega Man 4.
Neither do I have any clue what happened 20 years ago on Doctor Who. I just like the little blue guy jumping around and shooting. It's fun. I don't really care how the string-thin storyline ties into Mega Man X2.

4. I don't need 502 ways to decapitate my opponent.
Seriously, after the first 223 I just got bored. After the first 307 I started to forget the first 100. At that point,...

Study shows PS3 Gamers are Buying Movies too

320w ago - A new consumer survey from ABI Research has revealed that while there is a widespread reluctance for consumers to commit to a Blu-ray player in the near future.

ABI Research say that there is a bright spot, however, with the PS3 "rapidly becoming a favorite for hard-core gamers and so the installed base of sockets for Blu-ray discs continues to climb."

To quote: "While you might think gamers purchase fewer movie discs that others, we didn't see any significant evidence of that in our results," said an ABI rep.

"PS3 console shipments will go a long way to help bring down manufacturing costs and drive down Blu-ray player prices."

Top 10 Ways to Piss Off Gamers on Forums!

324w ago - Nobody paying attention to you in forums? Well worry not. Gamers World Bangladesh brings you a list of the hot-button topics that is sure to get a surge of comments headed your way, and possibly more than what you bargained for.

1. Brand Loyalty (Equals Fanboyism)

Whatever you do, never say you love [insert favorite console here] instead of the PS3/Xbox 360/Wii/PSP/DS for fear of being branded as a fanboy. You'll be instantly drowned in hate messages from other people defending their PS3/Xbox 360/Wii/PSP/DS (aka other fanboys). I think of fanboyism as brand loyalty. Variations also include ATI vs Nvidia.

2. Microsoft sucks

Anything with Microsoft (or Vista) in the headline and defaming the company is a surefire way to get attention. Who cares if its chairman is the largest donator to charity. So what if almost everyone uses Windows, Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer (although Firefox is gaining). The point is they can't do anything right and makes a great topic to stir up the hornets nest.

3. PC Gaming Is Doomed

The classical way to start a 'heated' discussion. Just kick back and relax while the argument takes off with why PC gaming is doomed/isn't doomed and how a big noob you are for starting the topic in the first place.

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