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Achievement List for Battlefield: Bad Company

350w ago - Come Friday and we normally sneak out early off work, go some place and get drunk. Thankfully, we still had not managed to sneak off and get ourselves drunk silly when we realized that we have stumbled upon a treasure trove of sorts.

On our hands here, we have an awesome quantity of previously unreleased details of the upcoming DICE game, Battlefield: Bad Company scheduled to be seen on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. In the next few hours, we will give up on the bottle for a while and keep updating you with more juicy details of the game, at least until EA decides to send some lawyers our way.

If this has got the Battlefield fans salivating all over their keyboard already, take a look at the Achievement list for the Xbox 360 version of the game and know for yourself why the much talked about Trophy system won't be seen in the PS3 version.

Before we show you the list though, let us tell you that the Achievements are still very much a work in progress and can be changed in the final version of the game.

Single Player Achievements:

25 kills in a Heli GS 10
Complete every level on Hard GS 20
Complete every level on Medium GS 25
25 enemy kills GS 25
Complete one mission without dying (any difficulty) GS 15
Complete one objective without...

We Want Free Weapons for Battlefield: Bad Company!

355w ago - When the Multiplayer Beta launched a couple of weeks ago, early adopters of the download were greeted with some daunting news if they went fishing through Bad Company's list of weapons.

It appeared as though Electronic Arts -- as they've done in the past with such games as NCAA Football -- would be charging for components of Battlefield: Bad Company that should be free, and would have been last generation.

The early peek into the beta showed five weapons that needed to be purchased via Xbox Live Marketplace. The outcry from the public was feverish.

Luckily their shrieks of horror did not fall on deaf ears. No weapons - we repeat: NO WEAPONS - will have a price tag attached to them.

We sat down for a talk with Karl-Magnus Troedsson, Senior Producer at DICE working on Battlefield: Bad Company, to get the final word on exactly what users will find in both the standard edition for Battlefield: Bad Company as well as the Gold Edition, and how all that works into the wonderful world of microtransactions.

To read the interview with Karl-Magnus, visit the link at the top.

EA: New Battlefield will "change the way you play shooters"

372w ago - Battlefield: Bad Company will change the way we play games, according to EA. GamePro speaks with Karl-Magnus Troedsson, the senior producer for Battlefield: Bad Company, due out this March.

How similar is Bad Company to a typical Battlefield title? If I'm a Battlefield veteran, what would make me want to play Bad Company?

Experienced Battlefield fans will feel very much at home with Bad Company. The core mechanics, the sandbox game play experience that's the pedigree of all Battlefield games, is present in the new online mode as well as the singleplayer campaign. Think huge environments with tons of weapons, vehicles and gadgets and then combine this with your own imagination to how to solve the problems at hand. Seasoned Battlefield players can also stay tuned for a Veteran program.

I understand DICE recently added a single-player portion to Bad Company. How does this work differently than multiplayer?

The singleplayer campaign in the Battlefield: Bad Company(tm) has a lot of common things with playing online. The difference is that the player is grouped together with a squad of three other soldiers which go on a story driven adventure within the war. The game style is otherwise very similar to multiplayer i.e. anything you find on the battlefield can be used and no objective...

TGS '07 Preview: Valkyrie of the Battlefield for PS3

384w ago - Not since Smilebit's Japan-only Dreamcast real-time strategy game Hundred Swords has Sega put so much effort into the genre as it has with their upcoming PS3 shooter Valkyrie of the Battlefield: Gallian Chronicles. A significant portion of Sega's TGS presence this year is devoted to what at first glimpse looks like a collision between Studio Ghibli-quality visuals and pseudo-real-time tactical gameplay a la Medal of Honor, and eventually evolves into something much more compelling than that bizarre description suggests.

When we first lined up to give Valkyrie a shot, we were subjected to a verbal tutorial (what is with Tokyo Game Show and mandatory, live tutorials? See also: Metal Gear Online) by a lady dressed up in the style of the game's characters. We also got a taste of the backstory of the war-torn, otherwise peaceful nation of Gallia, which was invaded by Hellghast-style forces. Fiercely proud and independent, an uprising of Gallian nationals tries (via the player) to push back and repel the invasion, using classic 'rock, paper, scissors' tactical game mechanics, played out with a small, balanced squad of specialist freedom fighters.

Using a cel-shaded, sketch-style of 3D rendering, each character looks distinct, wrapped in soft brown and blue clothing, shaded by cross-hatched pen strokes that evokes...
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