Leadtek to Launch PlayStation 3 Graphics Chip for PCs

283w ago - Leadtek has announced that it will start selling its first PC graphics card based on Toshiba's SpursEngine graphics co-processor next week.

The SpursEngine is based on the same architecture as the CELL that powers the PlayStation 3 and was partly developed by Toshiba.

To quote: Leadtek will next week start selling its first PC graphics card based on Toshiba's SpursEngine graphics co-processor, it announced today.

The WinFast PxVC1100 will hit stories in Japan's Akihabara electronics district from November 19 and will be cost about ¥29,800 (£199).

The SpursEngine is based on the same architecture as the Cell Broadband Engine microprocessor that powers the PlayStation 3 console and was partly developed by Toshiba. While the Cell contains a Power PC core and eight "Synergistic Processing Elements" cores, the SpursEngine contains only four of the SPE cores.

DaedalusX64 BETA 1 for PlayStation Portable Released

283w ago - The quest for perfect Nintendo 64 emulation on the PlayStation Portable continues with Daedalus X64 BETA 1.

This is a continuation of the original port by StrmNrmn and features a number of changes including: TV out support, ME audio support, increased buffers for better sound quality and a changed set of logo and graphics to represent the new name of the project.

Download: DaedalusX64 BETA 1 for PSP


[+] TV Out Support (Chilly Willy)
[+] ME Audio Supported (Small speed-up with sound on.) (Chilly Willy)
[+] Increased audio buffers for better sound quality (Kreationz)
[+] Changed logo and graphics to represent new name (graphic by SynGamer)
[!] Fixed screen shots (Chilly Willy)
[!] Fixed an OoT custom clend Mode (Wally)
[!] Fixed Shaking using double display lists (GoldenEye 007, others...) (idea Wally, code Kreationz)
[!] Pause Menu Reset not working properly (Kreationz)
[!] Fixed FPS Display and Framerate limiter (Kreationz)
[!] Optimized code generation for fragments which branch to themselves is now optional
Fixes games that broke from R12-13 (Kreationz)
[^] Improved...

The Top 5 Reasons PlayStation 3 Will Win the Console War

283w ago - The console market today is as tough as any industry there is, but it wasn't always like this. For the past several years the PS2 has been the console to trump, and before it there was the original PlayStation which also dominated the market.

One unclear question still remains though; will the PlayStation 3 remain atop the market? Many analysts believe that this will in fact hold true, but why are they claiming this? In my personal opinion, here are the Top 5 reasons that the PlayStation 3 will eventually re-take the lead in the game industries market.

#5 The Xbox 360 and How It Matches Up

The Xbox 360 is a great console, but it has its flaws. The Xbox 360 is a very similar console to the PS3. They have similar play and they have similar specifications. The Xbox 360 has an estimated 30% failure rate and this will cost Microsoft dearly. The Xbox 360 is struggling to maintain its position in America, and if that isn't enough it can't even gain a foothold in Japan or Europe.

The Xbox 360 has failed in Japan from the beginning and it is now beginning to lose its appeal in Europe as well. You have to win in Japan if you plan to compete in the console business, and the Xbox 360 has failed to do that so far. This is why the PS3 will inevitably beat it out.

#4 The...

Free PlayStation Portable Go!View Service Trials Announced

283w ago - From today, GO!VIEW (www.goview.tv), the portable Video-On-Demand Service for the PlayStation®Portable (PSP™), officially launches in the UK and Ireland giving PSP ™ owners the opportunity to access TV Shows, Movies and Sports on-demand and on the move.

Press Release: PSP™ owners to beat boredom this winter with a free trial of the fully launched Go!View service

Following its Beta release in July, GO!VIEW has now been fully updated to bring PSP™ users the ultimate in on-demand content - exactly how they want it, when they want it. What's more, a free 30 day trial of all three subscription packs is available to all PSP™ users so they can try GO!VIEW for themselves before signing up.

There's no excuse for any PSP™ owner to be bored this winter with the wide range of TV shows, movies and sports that can be easily transferred to the PSP™ via an internet enabled PC.

From top entertainment shows including Heroes, Desperate Housewives and The Mighty Boosh, through to sporting highlights such as Barclays Premier League football from Sky Sports, and a wide selection of top movies, there's content to suit every PSP™ owner's tastes.

With a full range of programming that is frequently updated, GO!VIEW provides a constant source of entertainment for...

New Department at the PlayStation Store: The Capcom Storefront

284w ago - Today Ro Hernandez of the PlayStation Store Team has expanded on what was reported a few weeks ago in our past news.

To quote: Hope you've been enjoying the beefy updates over the past couple weeks. If you have been a frequent visitor to PlayStation Store, you would have noticed the custom categories we created for Halloween and for the Siren: Blood Curse promotion.

This Thursday, we are releasing a custom category for Capcom. As you may know, Capcom has been a huge supporter of PlayStation Network, so we collaborated on a special storefront to coincide with the release of Age of Booty.

Within this "Capcom Store", you'll be able to browse through all Capcom digital content available from PlayStation Network. Once inside the Capcom category, you will notice that all their content is sorted by title. This allows you easy access to view all content related to a particular game. This includes all full game content, demo and promotional items (themes, wallpapers, etc).

Be sure to keep a look out for this new offering dropping this Thursday and some exclusive Capcom content headed to PlayStation Store in the future!


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