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Rumor: PlayStation 3 80 GB Model to be Discontinued in Japan

278w ago - I think this is another sign of new PS3 coming into town...

According to Kotaku (linked above), the Japanese stores have started to get a notice to discontinue selling the 80GB as of August 9th, which is about right before the new PS3 Slim is supposed to be announced.

To quote: The 20GB, 40GB and 60GB versions of the PS3 have been discontinued. According to this, it looks like the 80GB PlayStation 3 is next.

This [Register or Login to view links] is apparently from retailer 7-Eleven (7-Eleven sells video games in Japan) and stats that pre-orders for the Black, White and Silver 80GB PS3 will cease on Sunday, August 9 at 10am.

The reason listed is literally "For the manufacturer" – or at the maker's request.

The notice also notes that all in-store displays for the 80GB model are to be taken down. If this is true, then Japan would be left with only the 160GB PlayStation... Or perhaps there is an upgrade in store.

Samsung Exec: Sony Set to Slash Prices on TVs & PlayStations

278w ago - According to Smarthouse.com.au (linked above), a senior executive at Samsung has revealed that after Sony's reported $390M Loss they are desperate to shift stock and price cuts are imminent.

Targeted areas include Sony Bravia TV's, Blu-ray players and their Sony PlayStation 3 consoles.

To quote: "The news that Sony is set to slash prices has already leaked out to their competitors, with Mark Leathan the marketing manager of Samsung's consumer electronics division confirming that they have also been told that Sony is set to make savage price cuts."

With GamesCon and the Tokyo Game Show coming up, there are a lot of opportunites for Sony to announce a price drop or a new model indeed!

Sony Estimates the Number of Actual PlayStation Network Users

278w ago - During Sony's quarterly earnings report, there was a Q&A held between Sony executives and market analysts, and Robert Wiesenthal - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Sony America - revealed, to quote:

"I think right now close to half of our users have opted to sign up to the [PlayStation] network, and I think it's running on track, and we are expecting really great things this year from it".

Not an exact statistic, sure, but it gives us a rough idea. There are 23 million PS3 consoles out there. If "close to half" of all PS3 users have signed up, that gives us around 11 million people actually signed up to the PSN on their PS3's.

Not sure whether he also included the PSP in that statement, but seeing as online use hasn't been as important for that system to date, we'd say he's not.

All in all, that's a pretty healthy number!

PlayStation Network Video Content Update for July 31, 2009

278w ago - Today PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen has shared this weekend's PlayStation Network video content update, as follows:

Here are our this week's new releases and top downloads for the Video Store. This week, we've also launched a new featured collection – Fast & Furious.

Since 2001, the [Register or Login to view links] films have been moviegoers' source for intense thrill rides. Check out this clip below for a sneak peek!

This week we've added the following new content:

HD Movies

•All the President's Men
• Appleseed Ex Machina
• Babe: Pig in the City
• Boat Trip
• Boys Don't Cry
• Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
• Brotherhood of Blood
• Dante's Peak
• Dead Silence
• Dirty Dancing
• Distant Voices, Still Lives
• Dragonball: Evolution
• Dragonheart
• Drumline
• Fat Albert
• Fearless Vampire Killers
• Fever Pitch
• Fever Pitch (Unrated)
• Frankenhood
• Garden Party
• Green Lantern: First Flight
• Horsemen
• In Good Company
• Independence Day

Video: LEU-Loader OtherOS v1.0 for PlayStation 3 Linux

278w ago - This seems like intresting stuff going on.. LEU-Loader OtherOS v1.0 for PlayStation 3 Linux.

To quote, roughly translated: Some time ago we started this project, known as LEU (Launcher Emulators for USB), as you know I care for every detail to make it pleasant and comfortable to use.

To start LEU Linux as it is you need a BootLoader.. usually used in terminal mode type which makes text more compliacado use.

In our case this is, graphics adapters to the environment we want to LEU to reach wider audience and that people lose that fear of the word Linux.

BootLoader has very interesting things like:

•Power-Track Initiative SixAxis
•Recognizes LEUs icon which will be installed (USB)
•Recognizes disc, marking an installation disk icon
•Recognizes HDD with Linux installation
•And finally we have a very cool key indicators from the new XMB that is created from the code Petitboot.

The video that shows how the LEU Loader is being used in conjunction with RAW iSO.
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