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The Top 10 Best Console Logos List!

328w ago - When building a console, you'd better make sure it has a sweet logo. Here are the 10 greatest:

10. TurboGrafx-16

NEC wanted to drive home the point that its console packed 16 bits of fury. Thus, we have this beauty, which successfully communicates the system's power over its NES competitor. The machine didn't perform well in the States, but that's perfectly fine, since you can relive its best and worst offerings via Wii's Virtual Console.

9. Sega Saturn

Companies ballsy enough to name their system after a planet also need an out of this world logo. So Sega snatched Saturn from the heavens and then wrapped an S around it, just in case you assumed Nintendo was responsible for the machine. Too bad the Saturn died an early death. At least it gave us Panzer Dragoon Saga and Radiant Silvergun.

8. Xbox 360

The last thing Microsoft ever wants (aside from losing another billion) is for you to forget that its machines begin with X. There are three in the Xbox 360 logo, and while some may call them out for being silly, we appreciate the green and grey set against the white background, especially when we line up all of our 360 games on the bookshelf. And with the guide button, front and center, we're always reminded of the console's immediate accessibility.

Spiderman: Web of Shadows Teaser video!

328w ago - Although it wasn't ready to say too much about the action-adventure game, Activision did tell us that Web of Shadows will be set in a free-roaming, open-ended New York that combines web slinging with customizable superpowers.

There will be the traditional combo attacks on the ground, but the game will also feature a brand new emphasis on vertical combat as gamers take Spidey to the skies and duke it out with bad guys.

However, it might not just be foes who are getting socked in the jaw. According to Activision, Spider-Man's latest adventure will let players choose how they want to play -- if folks want to be the friendly neighborhood superhero, they can, but they can also ignore missions and be the anti-hero who is only looking out for himself. Marvel heroes and villains will pop up in the adventure, and gamers will have the ability to change sides as they see fit.

Activision is keeping its lips sealed about what Spider-Man is up against in the new game but we know it's a threat to the entire world and that it can do some real damage to New York. From the one screenshot and teaser trailer, it looks like Spidey's up against a number of villains who can redecorate buildings and create giant oozing black tendrils.

The black gunk and the alien-looking dudes crawling on the side of...

Little Big Planet Official Movie 4 for PS3 video out!

328w ago - Check out this video of Little Big Planet featuring various game modes.

Available below, courtesy of YourGameSpot via YouTube.



Metal Gear Saga Volume 2 Part 1 and 2 videos out!

328w ago - In English, we now have the prologue to MGS4..

Check out videos below:


Oblivion running on CryEngine 2 video available!

328w ago - A video showcasing what the world of Oblivion would look like inside CryEngine 2, the game engine that runs the graphics powerhouse Crysis.

Better lighting, soft shadows, improved day-night cycle, all made possible thanks to the CryEngine 2!

Video can be seen below:

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