EA Releases DRM De-Authorization Tool for SecuROM Titles

264w ago - As many know, some EA PC games only allow the owner to install the game on five machines.

Back in December, EA released a Spore De-Authorization Tool which allowed users to switch these five authorizations around between machines.

Now they've unveiled a new tool that allows you to do this for over a dozen games with SecuROM. You can access the authorization management tool HERE.

The tool only works with SecuROM games released in May 2008 or later. The list of games eligible for de-authorization is available through that link and includes Mass Effect, Mercenaries 2, and Spore. You can also download a program that scans your computer for eligible games.

It seems unlikely that anyone will ever need to install the same game on more than five different computers, even across their entire lifetime. Still, nice to know you can, eh?

Sony Aims for Simultaneous Digital PSP Game Releases in 2009

265w ago - The head of PlayStation US marketing, John Koller, has revealed that Sony is planning on simultaneous digital versions of its PSP titles released alongside their UMD equivalents.

To quote: The head of PlayStation marketing at Sony America, John Koller, has stated that Sony would ideally like to see simultaneous digital versions of its PSP titles released alongside their retail UMD counterparts.

€In the back half of this year, we should see a good rise in the amount of content that comes to PSN for the PSP,€ he told Wired. €We're aware that most of the content thus far has been for PS3, and that's based on the usage model and who has been demanding that content.

€But as we continue, and there's more of a desire from the consumer for PSP content, we're going to really increase the size and amount of content that's available.€

Global PlayStation 3 Releases for the Week of March 1, 2009

268w ago - Sony PlayStation 3 (and related) game releases for March 1-7 are detailed below as follows:


€King of Fighters 98: Ultimate Match (PS2) [USA] $19.99 TUE
€Major League Baseball 2K9 (PS3/PS2) [USA] $59.99/$19.99 TUE
€MLB '09 (PS3/PS2) [USA] $59.99/$29.99 TUE
€Tom Clancy's HAWX [USA] $59.99 TUE
€SkiDoo Snowmobile Challenge [USA] $29.99 TUE
€Spongebob Square Pants Happy Squared Double Pack (PS2) [USA] $19.99 TUE
€Tomb Raider: Underworld (PS2) [USA] $29.99 TUE
€Eat Lead: The Return Of Matt Hazard [PAL] £34.99 FRI
€Tom Clancy's HAWX [PAL] £49.99 FRI

PSN Games

€Watchmen: The End is Nigh [USA] $19.99 THU




€Prince of Persia: Epilogue [USA/PAL] $10.00 THU
€Rock Band [USA/PAL] varies THU
€Unreal Tournament 3: Titan Pack [USA/PAL] free THU

Global PlayStation 3 Releases for the Week of February 22, 2009

269w ago - The first rule of Killzone is: you kill the guys with red eyes. The second rule of Killzone is: you KILL the guys with red eyes! The premise is low maintenance, but Killzone 2 packs a lot of baggage.

From its conspicuous debut to subsequent years of shrouded development to a confident early review strategy, it's been a long journey for the shooter-that-should, which finally arrives at its retail destination on Friday.

PS3 Retail
€Killzone 2 [USA] $59.99 FRI
€Shellshock 2: Blood Trails [USA] $39.99 TUE
€ Suzuki TT Superbikes (PS2) [USA] $14.99 TUE
€ 50 Cent Blood on The Sand [USA] $59.99 TUE
€ Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock (game only) [PAL] £49.99 FRI
€ Killzone 2 [PAL] £49.99 FRI
€ Silent Hill: Homecoming [PAL] £49.99 FRI
€ 80 GB PS3 console with Killzone 2 [PAL] £299.99 FRI

PSN Games

PSN Demos

€ Prince of Persia: Epilogue [USA/PAL] TBA THU
€ Rock Band [USA/PAL] varies THU

Global PlayStation 3 Releases for the Week of February 15, 2009

270w ago - We are working on fixing several Web site backend issues, but in the meantime here are the Sony PlayStation 3 releases for this week:

€Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3 Senior Year (PS3/PS2) [USA] $29.99/$19.99 TUE
€Street Fighter IV (Standard/Collector's Edition) [USA] $59.99/$79.99 TUE
€50 Cent: Blood On The Sand [PAL] £39.99 FRI
€Disgaea 3: Absence Of Justice [PAL] £39.99 FRI
€Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection [PAL] £24.99 FRI
€Street Fighter IV (Standard/Collector's Edition) [PAL] £27.99/£59.99 FRI
€X-Blades [PAL] £34.99 FRI

Peripherals / Accessories
€Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar (PS3/PS2) (Activision) [USA] $69.99 (each) SUN
€Guitar Hero World Tour Drums (PS3 & PS2 compatible) (Activision) [USA] $99.99 SUN
€Street Fighter IV Faceplate & Console Skinz (MadCatz) [USA] $29.99 TUE
€Street Fighter IV FightStick (MadCatz) [USA] $79.99 TUE
€Street Fighter IV FightPad (5 versions) (MadCatz) [USA] $39.99 TUE

PSN Games


€Rock Band [USA/PAL] varies THU

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