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Rumor: Resistance 3 Logos & Details Appear for PlayStation 3

303w ago - Note: There are spoilers about Resistance 2's story and ending contained within this rumor.

Resistance 3 rumors are already surfacing on the Internet. Apparently, the follow up will be announced in February 2009 along with the first bunch of screens and solid details on the game with a view to the game being released November 10th exclusively on the PlayStation 3.

To quote: Today I've received news on a new rumor, this time about Resistance 3, yes you heard me right, RESISTANCE 3. I know that Resistance 2 has just been released in UK/Europe today and this may seem premature, but this news comes from the same person who gave me the rumor on the MGS4 Expansion Pack, which became a hot topic of discussion.

This rumor suggests that SCEA and Insomniac Games will officially announce Resistance 3 in February 2009 along with the first collection of screenshots and the first details of the game, the rumor also suggests that you will play as Cappelli (Member of SRPA) and that Resistance 3 does indeed pick up exactly where Resistance 2 ended, the rumor also said that SCEA and Insomniac Games are planning on releasing Resistance 3 Exclusively for the PlayStation 3 in November 2010

If you've completed Resistance 2 then you'll remember that Cappelli shot Nathan Hale through the...

PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.53 Update Details Mysteriously Vanish

303w ago - As reported a few days ago, PlayStation.com is telling us that the latest firmware for the PlayStation 3 should be available to download. To quote:

"An update to the PS3™ system software was released on November 26, 2008. You can use this update to upgrade your system software to version 2.53."

Well, at least it was until a few hours ago - the info seems to have been mysteriously taken down now.

The PS3 firmware, version 2.53, is supposed to include fullscreen Flash support among other features, which could come in handy for streaming videos on your massive telly and stuff.

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue Details out via PlayStation Home BETA

304w ago - Over at GTPlanet, Marky264 discovered that you can get some cool Gran Turismo 5: Prologue stuff, including future information about private multiplayer races, via PlayStation Home BETA.

This only applies to folks who received invites to try out the BETA version of PlayStation Home, and it should be noted that these selected individuals need to have or create a Japanese PS3 account.

Once inside the Home BETA area (using Japanese account), you will see the Tokyo Game Show 08 booth become available. Once in there, you can get access to GT5: Prologue racing pods, with some content worthwhile of checking out.

Please note that the actual content doesn't come alive till some time in the future, but just letting you know it's there.

Nice to see fans finding these little details. Keep it up. Here are also some pics of the PlayStation Home GT5 Pod seat and a couple other interesting features.

New Blood of Bahamut for Nintendo DS Details Available

305w ago - Per IGN, Famitsu has revealed some new details about Square Enix's new multiplayer RPG 'Blood of Bahamut' today. The game is 40% complete, and the game's producer Eisuke Yokoyama previously worked on Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wing.

To quote: The game's Official site promised over 130 missions for the game without specifying anything about beast count.

In the interview, Yokoyama said to expect over 10 main beast types. With variations in place, there may be up to 150 types. The variations include different target areas for your attacks.

As suggested by the trailer (above), you'll also be facing off against smaller enemies. Those, Toriyama revealed, are small enemies that have been summoned by the beasts. You'll end up facing off against the smaller enemies while you fight the main beast, with no transition between the two fights. One thing you'll have to consider is how to stop the main beasts from summoning the small enemies.

Finally, the two shared a few details on the game's storyline. As previously revealed, Blood of Bahamut takes place in a world where people have come to live on the backs of giant slumbering beasts. Upwards of 100,000 resided on the back of Gigant, the beast that's shown in the trailer at the official site....

USB 3.0 Details Confirmed, 5Gbps and About 12 Months Away

305w ago - Just under three months ago a preliminary USB 3.0 FAQ was published, and today both USB 3.0 final details and a date has been confirmed.

USB 3.0 is set to arrive during late 2009 or early 2010. It will be able to transfer at incredibly fast speeds of 5Gbps per second, so that's about an average sized movie every second.

To quote: USB Implementers Forum President Jeff Ravencraft let loose with some information about USB3.0, which is expected to appear late 2009/early 2010.

It'll apparently be able to transfer at blisteringly fast speeds of 5Gbps per second (roughly 600MB per second), or for media junkies that's about an average sized movie or eight average sized music albums EVERY SECOND.

In comparison USB 2.0 takes ten times as long, and we pity the fool who's trying to shift this sort of data using USB 1.1 on a knackered old laptop.

Negotiations are apparently afoot to work out which operating systems will get the technology, though Microsoft is obviously at the forefront. The word so far is that at least Windows Vista should get support, if not XP as well.

To be honest if Microsoft is still trying to push people towards Vista in a year's time we...
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