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PS3 Home BETA gets huge update next week

345w ago - The update will bring the version number to 0.8.3 (taking us ever closer to its release at v1.0.0) and the information comes from the beta message board on the official PlayStation site, so we're certain it's legit.

Playstation Home BETA update version 0.8.3:

New user interface:

The UI has undergone a major change (our graphical artist calls the new interface "Home CS" [Home Chip System]) and it's not just there to look good; we also believe it improves the logical flow of your interactions.

Other UI changes include a new vector based font system that improves text clarity and improvements to a range of different icons (for example the loading icon under your character's feet now gives a sense of something happening).

Another nice addition is that people on your friends list in the virtual PSP are sorted by three different states: "Offline", "Online" and "Online in Home" - these are colour coded too.

The Virtual PSP has undergone considerable changes. We have changed the structure of the menus to try and make it easier and more logical to navigate. There are also new icons for all of the options and new backgrounds available to customise the look. In the past an option that was unavailable to you was simply invisible; but now the option will remain...

PSPTube++ BETA 20080127 released!

348w ago - SofiyaCat has released an update for PSPTube today, now featuring preliminary video out support.

The feature outputs video at the resolution of 720–480 and of course is exclusive to PSP-2000 (Slim) units.

Download: PSPTube++ BETA 20080127

PSPTube++ BETA 20080114 released!

350w ago - SofiyaCat released a minor update to PSPTube today. Coupled with an active WiFi connection, the application allows user to playback video clips from a variety of online sources, including YouTube, Stage6, Veoh, NicoNico, Onsen and DailyMotion.

Download: PSPTube++ BETA 20080114

The latest release patches up a couple bugs regarding DailyMotion support and video playback, so it's recommended to update as soon as possible.

PSPTube++ BETA Build 20080113 out now!

350w ago - SofiyaCat has updated PSPTube today, which allows users to playback video clips from a variety of online sources directly on their PSP. These online sources include YouTube, Stage6, and DailyMotion.

Changes in the latest BETA build include the ability to change video filenames before and after downloading, as well as hide video comments and directly input specific video URLs. The full changelog is detailed below.

Download: PSPTube++ BETA Build 20080113


- DailyMotion login support
- During video download, filename can be changed
- Video file name can be changed after download
- Users can now directly input URLs

Related Play
- Present time, full time and buffer information is now displayed while playing a video
- Video comments can now be hidden

Bug fixes
- Resolved Niconico Premier search issue
- Fixed random freezing when playing Niconico video

PSPTube++ BETA for 01/06/2008 released!

351w ago - SofiyaCat has released an updated build of PSPTube. For those who don't know, PSPTube allows users with an active WiFi connection to watch videos from various online sources (such as YouTube) directly on their PSP.

Download: PSPTube++ BETA for 01/06/2008

The major highlight of this beta release is that support for viewing videos on DailyMotion has been added – another popular flash video service.
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