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Video: Life in LittleBigPlanet - Episode 2 Available

311w ago - Per Jeff Rubenstein (Social Media Manager) via PS Blog today:

Our first dive into the world of LittleBigPlanet taught us all about the SackBoy, now it's time for another visit!

The second episode in this series takes us deeper into the wonders of LBP. This time we answer the question- "How do SackBoys Play?" You'll soon find out, alone or in a pack, these little guys know how to have a good time.

He also posted some details for those receiving their LBP BETA keys as follows:

If you receive a code, this paragraph becomes relevant to you:

1. Public Beta Ends October 11th, 2008
2. You must use a consumer PLAYSTATION 3 system that is connected to the Internet.
3. You must have a PLAYSTATION Network Account.
4. If you have previously redeemed a LBP voucher code, you must delete any old LBP data (along with save data and game data) and download this version (go to Download History and redownload the new code).
5. This version does not require a DNS redirect and levels created here will be available for consumers at launch of the full title.
6. Please refrain from creating anything inappropriate,...

Video: PlayStation Portable Firmware v5.0 BETA in Action

311w ago - A few days ago we reported on PSP Firmware 5.0 BETA being made available to developers, and today a video of it in action is available.

Courtesy of magiXien via YouTube, it is simply an overview of Firmware 5.00 BETA + Testing Tool options.

Check it out below, enjoy!


Video: Nintendo DSi - Presentation and Line Up Unveiled

311w ago - B4rtj4h let us know HERE of a new Nintendo DSi video available. Courtesy of wiiitalia via YouTube, the caption reads as follows:

"Brand new console "Nintendo DSi" - Presentation and Line up 2008/2009"

Video is below, and remember guys everyone can Post News which gets auto-copied to the Forums under your username, giving you +1 Post Count (and saves us time from reposting what you did in the Forums)

Nintendo DSi Features:

- 2x 3.25-inch screen
- 17% bigger DS Lite
- A 3-megapixel camera & webcam met resolution 640x480
- SD slot instead of GBA slot
- Onboard memory
- 12% thinner than the DS Lite
- Opera browser
- Download games called DSiWare
- Better audio

Video: Call Of Duty 5: World at War Multiplayer Gameplay Leaked!

311w ago - Futbol8 let us know HERE that a Call Of Duty 5: World at War multiplayer gameplay video has made it's way public today.

Apparently it was leaked from a VIP promotional event.

Not sure how long the video will remain online, but check it out below courtesy of masta-gamer via GameTrailers while it lasts.



Video: Bayonetta Pre-TGS Gameplay Trailer Clip Available

311w ago - GameVideos has made available the first gameplay trailer of Bayonetta, slated for release on PlayStation 3 and XBox 360.

To quote from sp0rsk: This is a series of short clips from an interview with the games creator, Hideki Kamiya.

Stay tuned for the full trailer when TGS begins. Bayonetta has been announced for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Video is below, enjoy!

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