Riccitello: Next game titled Need for Speed: Undercover

304w ago - The next Need for Speed game from EA will be titled Need for Speed: Undercover, EA boss man John Riccitello has confirmed.

Little-to-no gameplay details were revealed when we contact EA, but Riccitello did reveal during a recent speech that the game would feature a "very strong mission structure", and an embedded storyline, according to various reports.

Riccitello also admitted that the previous game, Pro Street, wasn't quite up to scratch (as this review
will tell you), but to make sure that doesn't happen again, he went on to reveal that the series has been shifted over to a two-year development cycle, which has two separate teams working to release games biannually.

Just as Pro Street tried to take the series in a new direction, Undercover is expected to try new things with the franchise too, but our EA contact declined to reveal any further info, other than that more details will be revealed soon. Obviously.

No platforms were specified, so we'll assume it'll be on everything. Absolutely everything.

The Lies We Tell: BioShock's Exclusivity

307w ago - The cat is now out of the bag, people finally knows that BioShock is coming to PS3, after it was 'confirmed' not to.

Well, I worked on the PS3 version, I was even lead programmer for the PS3 SKU at one point, but then there were a lot of lead programmers that worked on the PS3 version, but that's a sordid tale for another post. Today's post is about one of the lies of the games industry, the exclusivity deal.

Nowadays, almost all high profile games from 3rd party publishers are planned from the beginning to be multi-platform and simultaneous release. The extra cost of developing for multiple platforms can easily be recouped since both PS3 and 360 has a big enough installbase. The simultaneous release makes the most of the marketing money by spending it on one big campaign rather than two smaller ones months apart.

Remember Sony claiming that most developers are creating the PS3 version first? That is not because PS3 is more popular, or easier to code, it is purely because from a technical point PS3 is harder to create good code for. Once you've created a good code base for PS3, it is easy to turn that into a well running 360 version.

So how did BioShock's 'exclusive' come about and why PS3 version a year later? Well, you've got to follow the money, which leads us to Microsoft.

Six teams vie for Satellite Prize

313w ago - Six teams of students are vying for the chance to build an experiment for a satellite that will launch in 2010. The semi-finalists are now required to work up a final proposal for submission in August; an outright winner will be selected by judges in the Autumn.

The winning experiment is required to be about the size of a lunch box, weighing no more than 1kg. The contest is organised by the British National Space Centre (BNSC) and Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL).

It is aimed at students between the ages of 14 and 18. It was conceived by Dr Stuart Eves, of SSTL, as an initiative for boosting interest in space science among young people. But it will be given a developmental budget of up to £100,000.

St George's College Addlestone - experiment will study the characteristics of Near-Earth space dust, which can damage orbiting spacecraft

Helston Community College - will test the ability of bacteria to survive the extreme conditions of outer space

Langton Star Centre - experiment will detect cosmic rays hitting the Earth's atmosphere

Schome Park Project - to observe "earthshine" and identify key life markers in the reflected light of the Earth

Shrewsbury School - will investigate the electrically charged...

Play on, Prentice tells gaming industry

315w ago - Federal industry minister Jim Prentice says he is looking into complaints from the United Kingdom that Canada unfairly subsidizes its thriving video-game industry - but, he suggests, the gaming industry's success is largely due to its ingenuity and innovation.

"We have innovative Canadian companies that do great work, that are cutting edge and I hope they will continue to exactly that, compete with the best in the world," Mr. Prentice said Friday in response to a question after a speech to the Harvard Law Association in Toronto.

The U.K.'s ministry of culture, media and sport has asked the Commission of European Communities to investigate whether wage subsidies and tax credits offered to the video game industry in British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario constitute an unfair trade advantage.

However, Mr. Prentice said he is "not aware of any specific trade challenges that have been mounted on that point."

He said there is no evidence that Canada has broken international trade law.

"We have a very strong, innovative gaming industry in Canada ... we exist in a global marketplace and, certainly, global competition in that area is quite fierce."

Two of the international largest players in the Canadian gaming industry, Electronic Arts Inc. and...

Top 5 Game AI Trends For 2008

324w ago - For those gaming geeks and tireless Computer Science majors who love to hear what the newest innovations are in the technical department of the industry, Gamasutra had a fascinating special feature article focusing on Artificial Intelligence, that subtle but very important part of a game that can make or break a game depending on its execution.

Here is that article for you guys to enjoy:

The topic for the developer discussion two weeks ago was What Trends in Game AI Do You Anticipate for 2008? Here's a quick summary of the discussion, including comments and personal opinions, as well as tips to help you make the most of 2008.

The first few predictions cover the AAA games industry and how AI is going to affect the design of games made, both on next-gen consoles and PC.

The latter predictions go into more technical details, which applies to lower budget and independent games too.

1. Cooperative AI

Developers are getting much better at building cooperating groups of enemies. But in 2007, Half-Life 2: Episode 2 pushed the boundaries of character interaction with Alyx, gathering great reception from the players. HL2E2, in fact, was given the 2007 AiGameDev.com Award for Best Game AI last...

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