PSP Wallpaper Changer v1.10 Plug-In out now!

321w ago - Hellcat has released an update to his PSP Custom Firmware plug-in, dubbed Wallpaper Changer today.

The plug-in allows users to set predefined wallpaper images at a specific date, and randomize the XMB background behind the waves without writing to flash memory.

Download: PSP Wallpaper Changer v1.10 Plug-In

Version 1.10 includes the following changes:

* Added capability of changing/randomizing the background *BEHIND* the XMB wave lines
(WITHOUT touching the flash0:! So, perfectly save)
Read the notes about this in the readme when having trouble with it!
* Wallpapers are now finally copied BEFORE the XMB loads, so you see the change imediately, not at the next reboot
* Major internal changes (making the plugin pure kernel mode and dealing with the consequences), the usual bug hunting and some cleaning up of the code.

Alternative VSHMenu 4.0 Plug-In for PSP released!

321w ago - Red Squirrel returns with an update to his Alternative VSHMenu plug-in for PSP. The plug-in adds additional functions to the XMB configuration menu already included in M33's Custom Firmware series.

Alternative VSHMenu 4.0 comes with a rather extensive list of additions and changes, including minor optimizations, bug fixes, and a menu item for toggling the hide PIC0 and PIC1 function.

Download: Alternative VSHMenu 4.0 Plug-In for PSP

Additionally, the author mentions that users running version 4.0 on a regular PSP can change the GAME menu kernel setting from within the XMB, while users with a Slim unit are able to change the USB Charge setting.

Note that changing either of these settings will automatically reboot the PSP.

Changelog v4.0:
-Added a security check to the plug-in.
-Added the NO PIC0 AND PIC1 function
-Added the GAME KERNEL function for PSP Fat
-Added the USB CHARGE function for PSP Slim.
-GAME KERNEL and USBCHARGE functions share the same line, so if you use Alternative VSHMenu on a PSP Fat the GAME KERNEL function will appear, otherwise on a Slim the function USB CHEARGE will appear.
-Now when you change one of the functions that requires...

PSP Custom Firmware Extender 2.1 Plug-In released!

321w ago - Update: Cpasjuste has released PSP CFW Extender 2.2, fixing a bug that prevented the music playback function from working. If your PSP still freezes up while loading the music menu, the author recommends installing the FATMS driver patch.

Cpasjuste has updated his Custom Firmware Extender plug-in, which allows users to take screenshots in the XMB (or while playing a UMD game), record in-game videos, as well as access USB mass storage and other various features.

Download: PSP Custom Firmware Extender 2.1

Version 2.1 is a minor update, adding music playback based on music.prx. Do note, however, that the newly added music playback function has been tested in Custom Firmware 3.90 M33 only.

Additionally, the plug-in configuration file is now routinely backed up and restored when switching between firmwares with TimeMachine.


- Added music playback based on music.prx by joek2100. (only tested under 3.90fw), default combo button for the music menu is NOTE+SQUARE.

PSP Custom Firmware Extender 2.0 Plug-In released!

322w ago - Cpasjuste has rolled out a updated to his Custom Firmware Extender plug-in, an all-in-one Custom Firmware plug-in that allows users to take screenshots in the XMB or while playing a UMD game, record in-game videos, as well as access USB mass storage and other various features.

Version 2.0 features full support for 3.90 M33-2 and the 1.5 / 3.40 OE Hybrid Firmware which can be loaded through the recently released TimeMachine application. The author notes that the plug-in has been tested on both Slim and Phat (regular) PSP units. Additionally, numerous bug fixes have been made to the included RemoteJoy module.

Download: PSP Custom Firmware Extender 2.0 Plug-In


* 390 M33-2 and 150_340TM custom firmware now supported (cfe should now work on any firmware),
note that on the 150_340 time machine firmware, the ftpd server will not work,
and RemoteJoy under ISO/HOMEBREW won't work too for now. All other functions should work well.

* Time Machine compatibility: You can now reboot "on the fly" from one time machine firmware to another,
just edit the cfe.config file under "ms0:/seplugins/cfe/" to choose which firmware you will reboot to
by pressing a combo button. Format is the same...

PSP Savegame Deemer v1.10 Plug-In released!

322w ago - Hellcat has released a custom firmware plug-in for the PSP that allows users to easily save and load decrypted savedata from UMD titles. Once decrypted, savedata can then be modified directly in any standard hex editor.

In addition to the usual bug fixes, version 1.10 includes vastly improved compatibility, along with a new feature that allows users to patch and overwrite the SFO params/info on save.

Download: PSP Savegame Deemer v1.10 Plug-In

UPDATE 19.02.2008: v1.10

* Did some mayor internal changes due to huge compatibility issues when actually running/using the plugin.
Should be way more stable now, hopefully running on 100% (or at least 99.9% ) of the games.
Also it's only one .PRX now, not splitted in two anymore, since the main .PRX is now a native kernel mode one.
* The usual minor bug fixes
* Added a new feature to patch/overwrite the SFO params/info on save (see readme)

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