PS3 owners get their wish for more Blu-ray adult movies

327w ago - Major adult movie studio Digital Playground has announced eight titles it will be releasing on Blu-ray in February. The studio had initially backed HD DVD but the eight titles it will be releasing on Blu-ray deals a further blow to HD DVD.

A representative for the studio said they were contacted by many PS3 owners who wanted Blu-ray movies for their console. they say however they will continue to support both formats until there is a clear winner.

To quote: Joone says that he was influenced by PlayStation 3 owners asking when their content would be available on Blu-ray.

"A lot of people were emailing that bought a PlayStation and they were basically saying, 'When are you guys going to release Blu-ray?' They really have no preference in format yet because it's so new. When it comes down to image quality, there is no difference between the two," he told CE Pro last month.

Transfer Blu-ray Movies From PS3 To PSP

327w ago - Sony announced at this year's Consumer Electronics Show that future Blu-ray titles will contain a portable copy of the movie/show embedded on the disc encoded specifically for the PlayStation Portable.

Consumers will able to boot up their PlayStation 3, pop in a Blu-ray disc, then simply copy the portable version of the disc to their PS3. From there, PSP owners can transfer the portable copy over to their handheld device.

It's good to see that movie studios are finding ways to take advantage of the extra storage space on Blu-ray discs. Hopefully we'll see this feature adopted by many new BD titles in the near future.

Hollywood is About to Ruin Your Favorite Video Game

341w ago - Let's face it; film adaptations of video games are generally terrible. Hollywood has a long reputation of turning excellent video games into mediocre to horrible movies (See: Super Mario Brothers, Mortal Combat, Doom, etc.). With the recent release of the commercially successful but critically panned "Resident Evil: Extinction," it doesn't appear that this trend is reversing itself any time soon. The most frustrating aspect of these poor game-to-film translations is that video game based movies do not have to be awful. Video games provide amazingly deep and complex story lines and tremendous action sequences, yet little to none of this translates to the big screen.

The problem lies in the fact that Hollywood appears to have an inherent lack of respect for the validity of these games as art (Talking to you Mr. Ebert). The suits just see dollars. The thought process seems to be if a video game is met with commercial success, then why not slap together an incoherent movie and give Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson a call to see if he is available. The problem also lies with gamers. Every time Hollywood releases another game based movie, gamers flock to the theaters to pay $10 for another piece of theatrical garbage (stop salivating over Hitman already guys). If movie studios keep making money from terrible movies because...

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