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$400 40GB PS3 SKU heading to America November 2nd?

381w ago - According to Guy Legend, an article has appeared that states the 40GB PS3 SKU will be heading to America on November 2nd for a price of $400. To quote:

Not officially confirmed, but it's getting clearer.....page 2 and 32 on the nielson page for this week.

Rumor: Ninja Gaiden 2 unmasked?

386w ago - It's been nearly three and a half years since the Ninja Gaiden series made its triumphant return. Since then, the critically lauded Xbox remake was rereleased in 2005 with new content as Ninja Gaiden Black, and then graphically upgraded and further expanded for this year's PlayStation 3 port, Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

But while the resurgent adventures of shadow warrior Ryu Hayabusa have spawned an all-new DS game, Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword, many have been wondering when a true Ninja Gaiden sequel would arrive. Though he would not confirm a sequel outright, Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki has declined to deny assertions in the gaming press that his shop is working on Ninja Gaiden 2.

Today, though the proof was in the pudding--blood pudding, to be more precise. An eagle-eyed poster on gaming-news bazaar/loosely controlled riot NeoGAF posted a series of screenshots he or she claimed to have taken from an official product page on the Japanese version of Xbox.com. Though the page was, unsurprisingly, quickly pulled down, the authentic-looking screenshots show a far bloodier and gorier game than the ultraviolent original.

Embossed with the official Xbox 360 logo, the pictures show Hayabusa not only dispatching foes, but also dismembering and, in one case, beheading them. In one shot, the master ninja...

Rumor: New 40GB PS3 at $399.99 for the holidays

386w ago - Ars Technica has their very own mole, who they say is very good at what he does. Looks like he dug up some interesting stuff on Sony's plan for the holiday season. The rumor is as follows: the 80GB PS3 falls to $499.99, and a brand new 40GB PS3 is offered at $399.99.

Analysts have predicted the 80GB price drop before. As for this 40GB model, we've had a few tip offs that it might be in the works. In addition, the mole adds that Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray may be packed in with one or both of the bundles, and the PS2 drops to $99.99. Of course, these are merely rumors, so don't hold your breath while waiting for lower priced PS3s. We expect to find out more at Tokyo Game Show.

Rumor: Playstation Home due to launch October 11th in Europe

386w ago - According to Robinspain, SCEE has sent out a new European release schedule and it denotes that Home is due for a provisional release on October 11th 2007. Other potential things to note are Time Crisis 4 on the PS3 due for a release on 28/11/2007 and God of War for PSP due for a release sometime in February 2008. To quote:

"SCEE has sent a new schedule:

Playstation 3
17/10/2007 - Folklore
19/10/2007 - Lair
24/10/2007 - Eye of Judgment
07/11/2007 - Ratchet&Clank : Opération Destruction
28/11/2007 - Time Crisis 4
05/12/2007 - Uncharted : Drake's Fortune
December 2007 - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Playstation 2
19/10/2007 - Buzz! Hollywood Quiz
02/11/2007 - Syphon Filter : Dark Mirror
07/11/2007 - EyeToy Play : Astro Zoo
07/11/2007 - Buzz Junior : Les petits monstres
December 2007 - ATV Off Road Fury 4
February 2008 - Pursuit Force : Extreme Justice

Playstation Portable
17/10/2007 - Pursuit Force : Extreme Justice
02/11/2007 - Syphon Filter : Logan's Shadow
November 2007 - ATV Off Road : Fury Pro
December 2007 - WipEout Pulse
February 2008 - God of War : Chains of Olympus
-there will be more titles to be released on the PSP...

Rumor - PS3 HD/USB loader to be released on 9th September

387w ago - There is a video floating around the net of a possible PS3 loader loading from the OtherOS function and works on latest firmware. Apparently, the team haven't released it yet as it has issues with the latest games that require >1.7 firmware.

Is it real? Who knows. No doubt the video will be picked to bits until the release date.

I for one, hope it turns out to be real.

See the video at http://www.gametrailers.com/umwatcher.php?id=95179
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