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Cascade-Gaming's Thought on How to Save PC Gaming

314w ago - The PC market is in disarray, sure it's not dying but a lot can be done to help it out against it's console foes. We go though some of the most important ways we feels the PC gaming market could be saved, from automatic driver downloads to new styles of gaming.

A Standard download system for online game transfers. We all know and use Steam but more funds need to be put into Steam and more publishers need to join the program to make it the only choice gamers will need. The steam system should open up an API to provide 3rd party application developers to be able to create custom interfaces for the software. For Digital Downloads to survive however users must be able to edit and mod the games provided and DRM should be as little interference as humanly possible.

The download service should enable as much of the action to be done without using a lot of CPU resources, at current the steam service is doing this to an acceptable degree, but more optimization will be required as time goes on. The integration of award systems and higher community features is paramount. The player should be able to access the server and chat to his friend's then setup a game without having to use 3rd party programs such as Live Messenger.

The gamer should also be aided in the download software by warning them and...

How to Install a Notebook HDD to Your XBox 360

315w ago - Here is a video on YouTube that shows the procedures on how to upgrade your XBox 360's external hard disk.


You will void your warranty by doing this, so be 100 percent sure.

Video is below, courtesy of Grim1873... Enjoy!


FFXIII and Versus are Video-Only for Tokyo Game Show 2008

315w ago - Square Enix has posted their list of titles they'll be dishing out at the Tokyo Game Show, indicating which are playable, and which will video-only at the October event.

Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Final Fantasy Agito XIII are showing up as video only.

Hopefully they'll be on the outside of the usual Closed Mega Theatre, and be more than just trailers.

At least a video walk-through of gameplay is something to hope for.

Sony introduces pricy BD-S5000ES Blu-ray Player at CEDIA Show

316w ago - It's appears the pricy Pioneer BDP-09FD now has some competition from Sony.

Sony surprised the industry at the CEDIA consumer electronics show in Denver by introducing expensive new Blu-ray players instead of cheaper ones. One of the new models is the BDP-S5000ES which will be offered worldwide in December for $2,000.

Andy Parsons, senior VP of product planning at Pioneer Home Entertainment Group and U.S. chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Assn. Promotions Committee, said that "Blu-ray player sales were 50% ahead of total 2007 sales."

Parsons also countered reports that said sales weren't meeting expectations, and said that any problems in meeting expectations were due to supply shortages.

Opinions: How will Microsoft Respond to PlayStation Home?

316w ago - Home is highly anticipated throughout the PlayStation community. Many are saying that this is going to change the way we socialise on our consoles, and we here at That Gaming Site agree, well just myself and Ankido. Mehar our Xbox reporter and founder of the site, has different opinions, which will be expressed a bit later on.

Innovation seems to be a huge part of the Sony label. They keep bringing new creations and ideas to the table all the time. We've heard and seen the likes of Eye Pet, MAG, Little Big Planet, and the big Sony project, they called Home. Like I said before. Home is highly anticipated by many and is set to deliver a whole new console experience.

So with all this hype and excitement surrounding Home, Microsoft must be slightly worried? Or so we would all assume right? What "Game Plan" does Microsoft have to tackle the long awaited release of Home? Is it the new Dash Board and avatars? We will start with my opinions on this.

My opinion:

From what we have all heard about Home, it really does seem to be amazingly great and I hope the final product turns out like that. So if Home does arrive with all the mentioned features and more, I believe Microsoft really should worry. Based on everything I have seen surrounding Home and the new dash board, Home...
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