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Video: Lost Planet 2 Jungle Pathway Gameplay for XBox 360

294w ago - Today a Lost Planet 2 Jungle Pathway XBox 360 gameplay trailer is available.

Officially titled Captivate 09: Jungle Pathway Gameplay, the video's caption reads as follows:

Shoot your way through this lush and deadly jungle.

Those interested can check it out below, courtesy of GameTrailers.



Video: Pop+ Solo First Look for Nintendo DSiWare

294w ago - Just wanted to let you all know that the first video of our new game for DSiWare is now online.

From the video's caption:

A first look at Pop+ Solo for the DSi.

Featuring the first footage of the Shark Boss battle!

Check it out below..



Video: Military Madness Zone Control Gameplay Footage

295w ago - Very much looking forward to this... here is some Military Madness zone control gameplay footage.

It's coming to the following platforms: WiiWare, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live Arcade.

The video's caption reads as follows:

Command the zone in this turn-based strategy video game.

Check it out below!


Video: Patapon 2 Trailer - New Recruits of the Patapon Army

295w ago - SCEA Associate Producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda is back, with one more Patapon 2 PSP update before the weekend as follows:

Greetings Pata-peoples. It's Friday and as you all prepare for a well deserved weekend, here is another dose of Pata-goodness to share.

On Wednesday we covered Multiplayer Hotness and how you can now battle to the beat with your friends. Now, as promised, we are going to profile the "new recruits" of the Patapon army.

One of the most appealing factors about the first Patapon was building your army up out of nothingness into an [Register or Login to view links].

Picking the right soldiers for battle, setting them up with all the right weapons and equipment, and evolving them to make them stronger was key to victory. This hasn't changed in Patapon 2, but this time players will get a revamped evolution system and some new Pata-faces... presenting:


Air support anyone? (Toripon)
If you remember the original concept art of Patapon 1 you'll remember the Toripon. These bird-riders didn't...

Video Game Console Fanboyism: Will it Ever Stop?

295w ago - The question first popped in my head probably around mid 2008. But the article that helped me answer the question was the Top Five Ways Microsoft's XBox 360 Has Beaten Sony's PS3.

To answer the question of fanboyism, first we have to look into the situation as a whole. Personally, I think the fanboy situation may be a little amusing and irritating at some points, but since it's 2009, I think it's time to give fanboyism the lethal injection. Enough is enough. We need to help end this.

Most of you know, Microsoft has been taking quite a few shots at Sony. And you know what? They're working. People are buying into the stupid rumors and fake information that can easily be proven to be incorrect. It's like saying Obama's a secret muslim.

We know he isn't, we've proven that he isn't, so why is it that people are still thinking that he's hiding it? Compare this with the "PS3 library isn't as big as 360's!" comment I recieved from a fanboy the other day, and you can get why I'm writing this.

Now, though most of us want this to stop, some of us (like me) have lost the hope of it ever happening. With immature people talking about how Halo 3 is overrated, or Gears 2 is too much like the first...
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