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Video: Final Fantasy XIII DVD Trailers for PlayStation 3 Released

294w ago - Two news trailers of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII for PlayStation 3 shown at DKS3173 in private were released today!

They were captured from the recently released "Re: Final Fantasy XIII" DVD.

Videos are below, courtesy of VEOH:


Final Fantasy XIII Trailer:

Final Fantaxy Versus XIII Trailer:


Video Games Make a Killing Even in Bleak Season

294w ago - The economy is in the doldrums, and shoppers everywhere are cutting back on spending. Yet in stores and Web outlets selling video games, times have rarely been better.

Thanks to the spread of video games to older demographics, to the mature product cycle of all three leading game consoles, and to the incredible popularity of the sector-changing Nintendo Wii, the video game industry is bucking the recession.

From harried housewives getting in some exercise on the Wii Fit to teeny-boppers playing along with bands on music games, or hardcore gamers enjoying the spectacularly immersive effects of titles like Gears of War 2, the industry is offering something for everyone at relatively modest prices.

That assertion may surprise those who think that splashing out 50 dollars or more per game and hundreds of dollars for a console is a bit excessive. But when you figure out how long a successful game can hold a player's attention, the investment seems a lot more worthwhile.

The enthusiasm for this most modern of entertainment devices is hardly confined to the United States.

Microsoft reports that November was its biggest sales month in Europe for the Xbox 360 console - sales rose 124 per cent from a year earlier. In the US, the Xbox had its best Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving,...

Video: Left 4 Dead - XBox 360 Mods Available

294w ago - GameTuts has shared a video via YouTube demonstrating how easy it is to conduct various Left 4 Dead exploits on the Xbox 360 console while annoying multiplayer gamers.

To quote: In this video I show you some Left 4 Dead Mods for the Xbox 360! No more tutorial, sorry. Please enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!

The only reason I did this is because it made the game fun for me. I love doing things you can't normally do. I do NOT use this to cheat in versus. I DON'T CARE about winning in versus. If I wasn't able to mod this game I probably wouldn't care about it at all.

I am done with this game. It no longer entertains me. Time to go play a more high quality game like GOW2 is how I feel. So stop giving hate messages about cheating in a game that really doesn't have a competitive multiplayer.


New Video Releases on PlayStation Store for December 9, 2008

294w ago - Per Grace Chen, Senior Manager at PlayStation Store yesterday:

Hi Everyone - We've got some great new releases available for download from PlayStation Network today, including:

• The Dark Knight
• Horton Hears A Who!
• Stargate: Continuum

Check out this bonus clip, "Batman Unmasked - Bats."

Using the real life tools of analysis, we unlock the psyche of Bruce Wayne.


Video: Resident Evil 5 - Viral Campaign Gameplay Available

295w ago - Today GameTrailers have made available a new Resident Evil 5 'Viral Campaign Gameplay' video.

The video's caption reads as follows:

"Chris and Sheva have found themselves in a real sticky situation."

Those interested can check it out below:


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