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Video: Flower 'Remember' Fan Trailer Now Available on PSN

281w ago - Sony PlayStation Network Associate Producer Randall Lowe announced news today of a Flower 'Remember' fan trailer hitting PSN.

To quote: I wanted to introduce you to a great trailer entitled "Remember" that was put together by [Register or Login to view links], with the sound put together by Hybrid Two.

Right after Flower came out last month, Kellee from thatgamecompany came to us and showed us this trailer, asking if we could distribute it on the blog and PSN. After seeing what an amazing job The Duo Group did putting the trailer together, our answer seemed pretty obvious.

The trailer captures so many feelings that the game conveys, it just seemed like a perfect fit. What's even equally amazing is that all of this with nothing but idle screens, which is what are shown when you leave the game sitting for a short bit.

After a little work on the back end, we were able to get the trailer ready and approved for distribution today via the PSN.

Video: New inFamous PS3 Trailer is Now Available

281w ago - Today Brian Fleming of Sucker Punch Productions introduced the new inFamous PS3 Trailer on Sony's PlayStation Blog. To quote:

What can I say? We're workin' hard and it really shows in the game. The detail work, the polish, the bug fixing – it all has a massive effect on the end experience... But while we're feeling good, we're also a long way from that release disc... Gotta keep grinding...

So okay, enough babble... You're here to see a new inFamous trailer, not listen to me gaze at my navel, so let's get on with it, and I'll give you some thoughts and tidbits...

The FX and details on the powers are a continued source of work and polish, and if you look closely at the piece, you'll see Cole deployed his Polarity Wall shield, something we've not shown before... Yet another power for his arsenal!

Probably time for me to get back to the electron mine... Status meeting in 12 minutes and I'm behind on all the stuff I was supposed to be doing instead of writing blog posts :-D. Talk to you more when we get close to the end...

Video: Quake III Running on the Pandora Console

281w ago - Craig from the Pandora Team has uploaded a video of Quake III running very, very well on the Pandora, which is an upcoming portable video gaming console built around Linux.

If this video doesn't show off what the console is capable of I don't know what will.

To quote, from the video's caption: "Demo with some bots running I guess, it appeared to me the average framerate was around 40.

This at 600 Mhz and 110 Mhz." Check it out below!


Opinion: Is IGN to be Trusted with Video Game Reviews?

281w ago - Well, my last personally written article was about how IGN was biased against the PS3. A big deal, but still, at least they could be trusted with unbiased reviews, right?

Well, the crap has hit the fan for IGN, seeing as they have recently released a review on the new Sonic game: Sonic and the Black Knight.

I know what you're thinking "Most Sonic games suck now anyway? I mean look at unleashed! there was barely any fun!" Well, that may be true, seeing as the game wasn't very fun (But that's a personal opinion, nothing against the company.)

The rating for this game is a 3.9. That's quite a low number for any game. And certainly a score that could tarnish the credibility of SEGA. Now, they might not want to bring back the speed of the old Sonic (And to be honest, I just have to scream WHY NOT!?) but one thing that people can commemorate them for is that they are trying to do new things with the SEGA mascot, and that's something at least.

Now, on basis of playing the game for a good hour, the story is very kiddish. Sonic falls into the Camelot ages and has to stop King Arthur from corruption. They try to make it sound good, but it's pretty much a children's story. IGN gave presentation (which...

Video: Microwaving a Sony PlayStation 3 Game Console

281w ago - Not sure why someone would want to do this, but for those who have always wondered what happens when you put a Sony PS3 into the microwave can now find out.

The video comes from dovetastic, with the caption reading as follows:

This is a Double Feature Motion Microwaving Event Presentation brought to you by dOvetastic Microwave Theater about the story of an unsuspecting PS3 Sony Playstation Three and it's Controller that got microwaved into the biggest, baddest Gaming system on the planet. So hurry and grab your front row seats because you are in a for a world premier in grand style.

Check out the video below, courtesy of YouTube:

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