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Video: How Do You Play PixelJunk 1-4 for PlayStation 3?

277w ago - Today Sony's Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein shared a new PixelJunk 1-4 video via PlayStation Blog.

To quote: You've seen the screenshots, you've read the stories, you've even helped name the game - but what do you really know about the next [Register or Login to view links] game?

Producer Matt Morton walks us through the gameplay in the temporarily-dubbed PixelJunk 1-4.

And if you don't care what we're saying, you can just watch someone playing in the background.

No surprise, given [Register or Login to view links] pedigree, but this game is going to be a fun one!


PlayStation Network Video Content Update for May 8, 2009

277w ago - A warm and sunny Friday is here, and with the weekend approaching comes PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen with the weekly PlayStation Network video content update:

Hi Everyone - Here are this week's new releases and top downloads for the Video Store.

This week we've added the following new HD movies:

HD Movies

• Friday the 13th
• Bonneville
• Casanova
• Doubt
• X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Theatrical Trailer

And these HD TV shows:

HD TV Shows

• Dollhouse | Season 1
• Lipstick Jungle | Season 2
• Prison Break | Season 4
• American Dad | Season 4
• Breaking Bad | Season 2
• The Unit | Season 4
• The Unusuals | Season 1
• 24 | Season 7
• How I Met Your Mother | Season 4
• Kröd Mändoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire | Season 1
• Law & Order: Special Victims Unit | Season 10
• Rules of Engagement | Season 3
• 30 Rock | Season 3
• Parks & Recreation | Season 1
• The Office | Season 5

And the following feature films:


• Bolt
• Friday the 13th
• National Lampoon's...

Video: Trash Panic Interview with PS3 Producer Josh Miller

277w ago - Social Media Senior Specialist Chris Morell has posted a video interview today with Trash Panic PS3 Producer Josh Miller, as follows:

We caught up with U.S. Producer Josh Miller to find out just what the heck Trash Panic for PSN is all about.

He gives us the lowdown on play mechanics, its history and just how tricky this PSN puzzle game can be.

Hit the video for all the juicy details.


Speculation: The Upcoming Apple Video Game Console

277w ago - Apple went from being a computer manufacturer to a consumer toy maker with the iPod.

They then morphed into also being a phone manufacturer with iPhone, and in the process they have seen the massive profits that can be made by owning a proprietary gaming platform standard.

Having seen what Apps store is making for them, they obviously want more. One obvious route this can take is to join Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo in the home game console market. Apple certainly have the technical expertise to do this.

It costs billions to launch into the console market, as Microsoft will tell you. Fortunately Apple have $29 billion in the bank. Yes, that's right, $29 billion. You could buy a country or two with that. Also you need management who know what they are doing. Well Apple's management seem to have had all the right ideas thus far. But that is not stopping them currently recruiting some of the top management in the console game industry.

Then there is the strongly rumoured takeover of Electronic Arts. Apple could very easily afford this and it would give them the guarantee of lots of content as and when iConsole is launched. In fact it wouldn't make much sense unless Apple were launching a game console.

But the best thing about an Apple game console and the thing...

Video: Qore Episode 12: Batman, DiRT 2, Ghostbusters, Euphoria

277w ago - PlayStation Network Executive Producer Kevin Furuichi shared a Qore Episode 12 preview video today via PlayStation Blog covering Batman: Arkham Asylum, DiRT 2, Ghostbusters and Euphoria.

To quote: If you're interested in busting the Joker, busting a tire, busting ghosts or busting a tackle, we've got you covered this month!

Enter the Asylum
[Register or Login to view links]. It's the place where Batman's most psychotic foes are kept under lock and key...at least, until the Joker takes control. Developer Rocksteady Games brings us inside the Gotham City landmark–the location of their upcoming game.

Who You Gonna Call?
It may have been twenty years since the [Register or Login to view links] last strapped on their proton packs, but the films have not been forgotten. Audrey Cleo catches up with Dan Aykroyd about his contributions as writer and voice actor in the new game that's revitalized the beloved franchise.

Take a Spin
Veronica Belmont also visits [Register or Login to view links] in the UK for an early look at the next iteration in its [Register or Login to view links] rally racing...
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