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Microsoft Smuggles 65mm Inside Halo 3 Xbox

369w ago - That's right - at this very moment, you could own an Xbox 360 sporting the much fabled 65nm CPU and GPU. It appears - according to a thread on the official Xbox forums - that Microsoft has, under the guise of the recently released Halo 3 360, soft-launched the 65nm edition of its console.

What does this mean in layman's terms if you happen to own one? Firstly, it means you're much more awesome than all of your friends. Even the hot ones. Secondly, the 65nm chips run cooler and consume less power than their tardy 90nm counterparts... which can be found in every other Xbox 360 in the world. Except your one, of course.

We were under the impression for a long time that such hardware would debut in the Elite. But, it didn't. I don't entirely understand why Microsoft hasn't made a bigger deal out of the 65nm Halo 3 consoles... maybe they were concerned they'd anger everyone who's already forked over the dosh for the Elite.

Finding out whether you're 65nm-enabled - as it were - is not exactly simple: you need to take your console apart. Let's just assume if your Halo 3 box is a lot cooler to the touch and quieter than a standard unit, you're probably one of the chosen.

Freakin MS Makes Buying New Xbox 360 Confusing

369w ago - Most gamers have heard that there is a new version of the the Xbox 360 Premium console on the market. The new version sports an HDMI interface like the Xbox Elite (though no cable). It also uses the Elite's motherboard with (hopefully) improved heat-sink to keep the dreaded Red Circle of Doom away. Great news right? Of course, if your store knows how to find it.

See, Microsoft in all it's wisdom doesn't make the new version obvious on the box. Some sources, such as Joystick.com report that the new HDMI enabled Premiums say HDMI under specifications on the side. Well guess what? All of the ones that I've seen don't. There is no special marking on the boxes. No mention of HDMI. Nada, nothing, zilch. Great, just great.

I asked about the new Premium at Gamestop for about 2 weeks and each time the manager said he didn't have any in. They repeatedly looked in the back for a box that had the word HDMI just like the picture from Joystick showed. None of them had it. I asked at Circuit City and no one knew what I was talking about. The same at Target. Finally I looked it up on line and noticed that the only real difference is the MS part number. The HDMI version is model # MS 882224380751 while the older version is MS 882224035811. The box has NO mention of HDMI on it anywhere.

If you...

Sega demand stronger PS3 sales

369w ago - Sega are once again pushing console makers to drive sales of next-gen systems higher, having in the past singled out the limited installed base of the PlayStation 3 as a reason why development of new games remained risky.

Speaking to industry website MCV, Sega America COO Simon Jeffrey said he thought a PS3 price-cut would prompt higher sales, as he urged platform holders to push sales as quickly as possible. The "next year to two years will be a profit margin struggle," he said, adding that he wants to see "next-generation consoles in as many homes as possible, as fast as possible".

"All our research shows us that millions and millions of gamers are just waiting for the PS3 price threshold to reach a certain level before they buy," Jeffrey added, comparing the price between the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Sony have avoided all talk of a price-cut, despite rumours that one could surface at the Tokyo Game Show. Instead, the console maker appears to be concentrating on their games line-up in the first instance.

USBCELL goes after the gaming market, hopefully they don't give your 360 the RRoD

370w ago - Moixa Energy issued a press release which signalled their intent to capture some of the gaming crowd for their AA rechargeable batteries known as USBCELL. The unique batteries are like no other and have an integrated USB connector which allows you to recharge the batteries just by plugging them into any available USB port.

They are pushing abilities such as being able to swap and play all day as you can plug in one set of batteries into your PS3 console while the others are being used in your controller (some non official controllers use AA batteries). Hopefully they won't result in the RRoD on your 360 as their following promotional shot shows...

PRESS RELEASE: The USBCELL is the latest must have PS3 accessory

Have you ever been playing your favourite console game on the PS3...got to the highest level you have ever achieved and then your controller runs out of power allowing the zombie to eat you, ending your personal triumph... frustrating uh?! Well, punch the pillow in anger no more - Moixa's USBCELL AA rechargeable batteries are the perfect way for you to keep your controller powered up from the start to the gory end!

The USBCELL features a unique design, where you pull off the cap to reveal a USB plug. Simply insert into any USB port to recharge them, the PS3 has 4 USB...

Xbox 360 Could be 'Distant Third' By 2009

370w ago - DFC predicts the game industry as a whole could generate $47 billion that year.
According to a series of recent reports by the research group DFC Intelligence, the game industry is poised to see enormous overall growth in 2009, just in time for the Xbox 360 to slip to a distant third place in the console race.

DFC estimates that the videogame market will swell to $47 billion by 2009, a 42 percent increase over the $33 billion generated by the industry in 2006. That forecast includes revenue from videogame hardware and software, dedicated portable system hardware and software (i.e. the DS and PSP - not mobile phones), PC games, and online PC and console games.

But the Xbox 360's selling power could be on the wane, according to DFC's research. The company has raised its forecast for the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 and lowered its forecast for Microsoft's console, predicting that the Wii will stay on top at least through 2008 and that the PS3 will move into overdrive in 2009.

"The Xbox 360 will need to build a strong base outside North America to avoid being in a fairly distant third," said DFC analyst David Cole. "We could have a situation where the Wii sells more hardware units, but by 2012 the PlayStation 3 is generating more software revenue."

Using three separate market...
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