M33xEver v3 Custom Firmware Plug-In for PSP out now!

315w ago - Red Squirrel has updated M33xEver again today, a Custom Firmware plug-in that allows PSP users to permanently activate the M33 anniversary Easter egg featured in 3.90 M33-3.

Download: M33xEver v3 CFW Plug-In for PSP

With the release of version 3, users can now use the plug-in to increase or decrease the speed of XMB waves, as well as change the Firmware version and MAC address visible in System Information.

Changes are made in RAM and will stay as long as the plug-in is activated.

M33xEver Custom Firmware Plug-Ins for PSP released!

315w ago - Red Squirrel has released M33xEver, a Custom Firmware plug-in that allows users to permanently activate the €speedy waves€ Easter egg included in 3.90 M33-3.

This plug-in will retain the fast-forward like motion of the waves while keeping your PSP's original date and time settings intact.

Download: M33xEver v2 CFW Plug-In / M33xEver CFW Plug-In

Changes v2:

Now instead to set date to April 2, the plug-in will patch only the waves. Date will remain correct and at the same time you will have the waves of the M33 birthday surprise!

CXMB for PSP 3.71/3.90 M33 Custom Firmware out!

319w ago - Poisonhzkj has updated CXMB today, a Custom Firmware plug-in that allows users to install custom made XMB themes from the memory stick rather than by copying files to the PSP€s flash memory.

Now compatible with 3.71 and 3.90 M33 series Firmware, the plug-in introduces a file format called CTF (short for CXMB theme file).

Download: CXMB for 3.90 M33 with Theme Creator / CXMB for 3.90 M33 / CXMB for 3.71 M33

When installing a new theme to the memory stick, CXMB automatically creates a Default.ctf file on bootup which contains the contents of the installed theme.

Finally, pre-made themes in CTF format are available from the author's site HERE.

PSP Alternative VSHMenu v4.1 Plug-In released!

320w ago - Red Squirrel made a minor update to his Alternative VSHMenu plug-in for PSP, which adds additional functions to the XMB configuration menu already included in M33's Custom Firmware series.

Version 4.1 features a tool that allows users to directly flash plugins to their PSP€s flash memory. Other changes include additional languages, namely German, Italian and French.

Download: PSP Alternative VSHMenu v4.1 Plug-In

As always, make sure to refer to the included readme file for installation and usage instructions.

Note: If you have a PSP Slim, you must to rename pspbtjnf_02g.bin, pspbtlnf_02g.bin and pspbtknf_02g.bin in pspbtjnf.bin, pspbtlnf.bin and pspbtknf.bin and then follow the guide inserted in Patch2Flash folder.

At the end rename patched file (pspbtjnf.bin, pspbtlnf.bin and pspbtknf.bin) in pspbtjnf_02g.bin, pspbtlnf_02g.bin and pspbtknf_02g.bin and overwrite the existings in Flash0.

PSP Wallpaper Changer v1.14 Plug-In out now!

320w ago - Hellcat has updated his PSP Custom Firmware plug-in known as PSP Wallpaper Changer today. The plug-in allows users to set predefined wallpaper images at a specific date, and change/randomize the XMB background behind the waves without writing to flash memory.

Version 1.14 includes numerous bug fixes, along with additional features such as support for changing/randomizing PTF format themes.

Also included in this release are two Windows-based utilities for creating compliant 01-12.BMP files and 480–272x24 images for use with the Wallpaper Changer.

Download: PSP Wallpaper Changer v1.14 Plug-In


* Fixed some lockups during start
* Fixed another conflict with wavepapers in €Once per day€ mode
* added PTF changing/randomizing
* Added two PC based (Windows) tools for making propper 01-12.bmp replacements (background behind XMB waves) and perfect 480–272x24 PSP wallpapers you can then use with the Wallpaper-Changer.
Both tools take various image formats in any possible resolution as source images and should make most converting tasks very easy (two mouseclicks, and you€re set )

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