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Rumor: Leaked Metal Gear Solid 5 Music Track is Available

296w ago - Today KrackChap of GamingIndians (linked above) [Register or Login to view links] what appears to be a leaked Metal Gear Solid 5 music track.

The individual who uploaded it to YouTube is akirawing of [Register or Login to view links], likely one and the same Akira Wing who is a composer per the [Register or Login to view links].

Those interested in checking out the alleged new Metal Gear Solid 5 (MGS5) Music Track for PS3 can do so below, or download it here:

Download: [Register or Login to view links] / [Register or Login to view links] [Mirror]


Countdown Suggests Next Metal Gear Solid to Focus on Raiden?

296w ago - As a follow-up from speculation earlier today, the countdown timer on Kojima's Web site finally counted down and revealed a picture of a boss (pictured below).

It could be Raiden, but no one is sure of who it is yet... but his hat does have a strange symbol that would seem to point to Metal Gear 5.

It does appear the recent rumor of the NEXT title being Lords of Shadow may have just been that, a rumor, though.

More details to come as they are available, and feel free to share your comments below.

New Kojima Metal Gear Solid Magazine Ad Hint Surfaces

297w ago - With all the hype surround the NEXT Kojima Web site recently, a new "hint" from Kojima Productions surfaces in the form of a magazine ad.

I'm sure people are hoping and anticipating the game to be MGS5. A video has been posted on youtube by a Japanese gamer who has his webcam pointed at an unusual Kojima Productions/Konami ad in the back of a Japanese magazine.

The ad is very vague and unusual as you can see in the video linked, but watch what happens when the right [Register or Login to view links] is opened on Kojima's NEXT Web site.

Note: The URL now gives a 404 error.

Speculation: Will the XBox 360 Get Metal Gear Solid 4?

298w ago - With E3 just around the corner, there has been tremendous buzz surrounding Microsoft's BIG announcement for the event.

One specific speculation has been the possibility of a port of the highly successful and critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid 4.

In fact, a mysterious new Twitterer going by the name [Register or Login to view links] has been tweeting quite a bit about "MGS+O" (Metal Gear Solid + Oxide) and even confirming it will be announced at E3.

While we all love to speculate about potential announcements at E3, it's important to stay grounded and really think about what is truly plausible. That said, the possibility of MGS4 coming to the 360 seems doubtful to me.

In Metal Gear Solid 4, Hideo Kojima designed a game that was tailored to utilze and take advantage of the PS3's powerful hardware and capabilities.

It would seem highly unlikely that Kojima would tinker in anyway with MGS4 in order to have it play on the Xbox 360. Well, at least that's my take on it. What's your take on this? Will the Xbox 360 get MGS4? Feel free to comment below!

GDC '09: Mission: The Next Metal Gear Solid - Raiden?

305w ago - If you've followed the [Register or Login to view links] of Hideo Kojima's GDC 2009 Keynote, you might be asking yourself, "What's the deal with the last startling images of the presentation?".

After a rousing speech taking audience members through the entire Metal Gear franchise the last image we were left with was a bold still which reads "Mission: The Next MGS". Furthermore, planted in the top right corner of the still is a clear impression of the cyber ninja Raiden (close-up after the cut):

Which leads us to Kojima's interview earlier this week with [Register or Login to view links], where he stated that work was currently underway on a new game and that "An official game announcement will be made at E3."

Could the images above be the smoking gun for the next Metal Gear Solid to be a Raiden-specific outing? Given that of course, there was no other mention of specifics or hints given throughout the keynote, for we'll have to wait and see not when, but what will be announced at this year's E3.

There's definite writing on the wall, but what's your theory on the official announcement at E3?
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