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SingStar Stereophonics VIP Event is Coming to PlayStation Home

253w ago - Today SCEE's European Product Manager Rob Rutter has announced news of a SingStar Stereophonics VIP event coming to PlayStation Home this March.

To quote: I'm really excited to tell you today about our next SingStar VIP event coming to PlayStation Home in March.

We've lined up fantastic rockers The Stereophonics to perform in The SingStar Rooms VIP with exclusive live footage and backstage interview. What's more - the band will be coming into Home for a special virtual meet and greet on the first night, so if you're a Stereophonics fan, make sure you come along!

Later this month, we've also got a Stereophonics SongPack coming with a special competition tie-in to win signed tour merchandise and other great prizes. We'll be announcing more info about the gig and competition in the next few weeks, so keep checking PlayStation.blog.

In the words of The Stereophonics - 'Have A Nice Day'!

Video: Sony Rounds Up MAG256 PS3 Review Event

255w ago - SCEE's Social Media Manager Jem Alexander has posted a video today on the European PlayStation Blog covering the round up of their recent MAG256 PS3 review event.

To quote: As you [Register or Login to view links] our MAG256 review event last week was a resounding success.

If you were among the one hundred and twenty eight players who fought so valiantly against each other – and the developers in the US – then I wanted to personally thank you all very much for coming. We hope you had a great time and look forward to hearing all your thoughts of the experience in the comments below.

For those of you who weren't able to make it, however, we've put together a little video and some photos to give you a feel of what it was like to attend. Extra points are awarded for those who manage to spot themselves in the video.

As you can see, the main attraction of the event was the 256 structure, which housed the 128 PS3s equipped with retail copies of MAG. Even when empty this was a pretty impressive set up, but it really gained a sense of gravitas when fully manned. Especially with the Voice Of MAG (who wasn't lacking a sense of gravitas himself!) making some very loud announcements over the tannoy.

While I personally didn't...

SCEA Teams Up With IGN for a Haiti Charity Event

256w ago - Today Sony's Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has announced that SCEA has teamed up with IGN for a Haiti charity event.

To quote: We have watched in horror and sorrow as the events in Haiti have unfolded over the past few weeks.

As millions are suffering through conditions unimaginable to us, it's kind of hard to know how to even begin to help. Last week, [Register or Login to view links] came to us with an idea that gamers could get behind - a [Register or Login to view links].

Starting at 9am Pacific, the IGN crew will be broadcasting live for 12 hours, and taking donations for [Register or Login to view links].

Here at SCEA, we contributed a number of rare, collectable items to the cause, including a [Register or Login to view links], a [Register or Login to view links], a [Register or Login to view links]

Video: Timelapse Footage from Sony MAG256 PS3 Event

257w ago - SCEE Social Media Manager Jem Alexander has shared a video today on the Europeam PlayStation Blog which includes timelapse footage from a recent Sony MAG256 PS3 event.

To quote: I'll have a full report from our MAG256 event – including more video, photos and more – on Friday, after I've got my breath back.

Many of you were there in spirit, using the [Register or Login to view links] Twitter hashtag to appear on our event Twitter wall. Thanks to all of you who did and, indeed, to all of you who showed up and helped give [Register or Login to view links] a good pounding! (Well, once at least).

To tide you over until Friday, here's a timelapse video of the setup process for the now legendary "256″ structure that housed our brave soldiers during the event. I think you'll agree it's a pretty impressive feat of engineering.

So here's the video. I'll be back with more very soon, but right now, I'm off for a lie down. I think I've got shell shock...


Video: MAG PS3 CES 2010 Event and New Tournament Details

258w ago - Sony Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has shared a CES 2010 event video today on the PlayStation Blog and also revealed some new MAG PS3 tournament details, as follows:

Not all the talk at this year's [Register or Login to view links] was about 3D. Last Thursday, [Register or Login to view links] and SCEA hosted a CES MAG event at the Aria Las Vegas.

One hundred community members (some from as far away as New York!) and a host of gaming and consumer electronics media joined us to celebrate MAG going gold, but the hospitality didn't end at the hors d'oeuvres line; the first attendees through the door will receive a free retail copy of MAG later this month.

If you weren't one of the lucky attendees but would still like to see some of the action from last week's event, head on over to our [Register or Login to view links] where you can see the highlights.

Right after we announced the gift, [Register or Login to view links] Designer Ben Jones talked with me about what Zipper learned in the beta process to make the final launch super smooth on January 26th.

Our [Register or Login to view links]
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