Video: Sony Unveils PlayStation Access Episode 9 PSN Footage

126w ago - Today Sony PlayStation Community Manager MusterBuster has unveiled PlayStation Access Episode 9 PSN footage below.

To quote: Happy Friday everyone €" the latest episode of Access is now available for your online viewing pleasure. This week has seen a glut of mega-releases on PS3, one of which €" EA€s Need For Speed: The Run €" stars as Game of the Week.

You can check out the stunning Frostbite 2.0-powered visuals and also hear from The Run€s Producer Alex Grimbley, as he talks about why those controversial €on foot€ sections are really nothing to be scared of.

Also out this week was stab-happy blockbuster Assassin€s Creed: Revelations, and Access take you behind the scenes with developers Ubisoft Montreal, where we heard from the men responsible for Ezio€s sterling send-off.

There€s also a first look at scrappy comic fighter, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, with special attention reserved for plucky lawyer-turned-martial arts master, Phoenix Wright. Find out how the Ace Attorney star fares against Hulk, Wolverine and co. in Access€ Bonus Level.

Chart-topping shooter Modern Warfare 3 takes centre stage in the Store roundup this week, plus...

Video: Sony Unveils PlayStation Access Episode 7 PSN Footage

128w ago - Following up on their previous update, today PlayStation Community Manager MusterBuster has unveiled Access Episode 7 PSN footage below.

To quote: If you can tear yourselves away from your glossy new copies of Uncharted 3 for just ten minutes, you€ll see there€s a brilliant new episode of Access waiting for you on the PlayStation Store.

Bethesda€s soaring RPG epic, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim lights up Game of the Week, complete with gorgeous new footage to ogle €" including plenty of dragons and big, shouty magic spells (fans of cute rabbits, be warned).

There€s the usual news round-up and PlayStation Store highlights to look forward to as well, the latter including a look at upcoming PSN title Hydrophobia and the vampire-themed Festival of Blood pack for Infamous 2.

Elsewhere, be sure to soak up the Battlefield 3 multiplayer advice with DICE Executive Producer Patrick Bach, and make doubly sure you check out Nolan North clambering about Sony€s offices and strangling Access cameraman Dan Read...

Videos: Sony Unveils Qore November Episode, Pulse 11/1 Edition

129w ago - Sony PlayStation Network Executive Producer Kevin Furuichi has unveiled the Qore November Episode which features Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and Uncharted 3 alongside the Pulse 11/1 Edition today, with details below as follows:

November is epic every year. And this November's episode of Qore's is huge with 3 epic stories and the reboot of a classic.

Enter the rich fantasy world of Bethsdea's Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in this month's lead feature story. The open world environment is re-imagined and gorgeous.

Veronica Belmont explores the new character progression and enhanced visuals as she re-experiences going one-on-one with a dragon!

Next, jump into Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Much has changed with the end of this story arc, Qore discovers why Ubisoft has a playable Altair, how Ezio's new eagle vision impacts gameplay, and where the series will go from here.

As a follow up to Qore's earlier profile of Naughty Dog's Amy Hennig about the story of UNCHARTED 3: Drake's Deception, this month they focus on the amazing technology and behind the scenes engineering magic used to create the breathtaking environments and robust character animations (that...

Video: Sony Unveils PlayStation Access Episode 6 Footage

129w ago - Today PlayStation Access Community Manager MusterBuster has unveiled some PlayStation Access episode 6 footage for fans below.

To quote: It€s Friday again (huzzah!) which means that we have a new episode of Access for you readers.

Episode 6 has a line-up choked with blockbuster brilliance, with Uncharted 3 blazing a trail of awesome through Game of the Week.

And there€s more Uncharted too, in the form of the treasure hunt event that recently took place in the blistering deserts of Jordan. Follow the UK€s contender as he battles with the elements and a couple of grumpy camels.

There are also the Access regulars to enjoy: a round-up of all the latest PS3 news plus a look at what€s hot right now on the PlayStation Store.

To round things off, make sure you check out a behind-the-scenes look at the new Access Magazine €" a free, quarterly publication now available at selected high street stores country-wide.

Access is free to download for all UK PSN users every Wednesday from the PlayStation Store.

Video: PlayStation Access Episode 5 is Now Available

130w ago - Following up on their previous update, today Sony PlayStation Access Community Manager MusterBuster has made available Access Episode 5.

To quote: Episode 5 of Access is now online and available right here for your viewing pleasure. Pleasure being the operative word, because heading the line-up this week is EA€s eye-meltingly beautiful first-person destruct €em up, Battlefield 3.

The rest of the show is also stuffed with hi-def excellence, including an inside look at the recent Access Live event in Bristol, a round up of the latest news and all the best content from the PlayStation Store, including hot servings of DLC for both Resistance 3 and Dragon Age 2.

There€s also a sneak-peak at upcoming short film, The Hero€s Journey €" directed by Blood Diamond€s Ed Zwick and featuring Naughty Dog€s Amy Hennig, and Uncharted star, Nolan North.

To watch Access before anyone else, UK users can download each episode for free every Wednesday from the PlayStation Store, with every show then uploaded to YouTube every Friday.

Episode 5 of Access...

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