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Canadian bill targets illegal downloads, unlocking iphones, more

325w ago - According to the Canadian Press, the "Federal government is expected to introduce legislation Thursday that will seek to make it easier to prosecute individuals who download copyrighted material from the Internet."

Experts say that Canada has finally given in to pressure from the U.S government to crackdown on illegal filesharing with provisions including: A $500 fine for each illegal file shared online, making it illegal to unlock cellphones or copy music from protected CDs to iPods, forbidding the right to copy "time shifted" shows onto personal video recorders if flagged by broadcasters.

To quote: Although it is currently unclear how the copyright bill will be enforced, observers have said enforcement could be aided if Canada signs on to the proposed Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, to be tabled next month at the G8 summit in Japan.

The agreement, which was recently published on a Web site known for disseminating leaked documents, would require Internet service providers to police the content that travels over its network.

According to the four-page document, ISPs could required to filter pirated digital files and reveal the identities of customers suspected of infringing on copyrighted material.

Rumor: Duke Nukem Forever Nuking Xbox 360

325w ago - Microsoft has dropped several million nukes on unsuspecting gamers since the Xbox 360 launch in 2005. Nearly every Xbox 360 owner has experienced the dreaded Red Ring of Death and witnessed the 360 pretty much implode itself.

Now, it appears the Xbox 360 will be getting nuked in a different fashion. No, the system won't be destroying itself like usual, instead it'll score Duke Nukem Forever.

We all know the story behind this game. It was announced roughly a decade ago and wasn't seen again until a few months back. After 10yrs of waiting, we saw the first trailer and it looked mediocre at best, at least compared to high profile titles like Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War.

Rumors are running rampant once again on this title and despite it being announced as a multiplatform game, the latest rumor is pointing to an Xbox 360 release. Given the circumstances with 3D Realms and their experience with PC titles and how easy it is to translate PC titles to the Xbox 360, this has some merit behind it.

Is it probable? Most definitely. Will it happen? Who the hell knows. If Duke Nukem Forever is ever going to come to light, we should find out more in a few short weeks when E3 finally hits.

PS3 Home 'Open Working BETA' Still On Track for 2008

326w ago - Sony's long-promised PlayStation 3 virtual world Home is still on track for a 2008 release, although it'll likely stay in BETA.

While talking to senior director of PlayStation Network Susan Panico yesterday about Sony's new online PS3 magazine Qore, we got very briefly onto the subject of Home.

Saying that the software is still due for release at the end of the year, Panico noted that the "rollout will be similar to Gmail," describing what will launch this year as an "open, working BETA."

I certainly hope it's not that similar to Gmail, or it'll never get out of BETA. :P

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep PSP Video Leaked!

326w ago - This is a leaked trailer of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, emailed to KHInsider by Johnhay Ancheta showcasing two full minutes of footage. You'll have to excuse the quality, as the clip was recorded on a cellphone, but despite this, the game looks fantastic. Look forward to a more detailed in depth look soon!

As with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, it's clear that we can expect visuals that rival even some of the more impressive PS2 titles.

A release date for Birth By Sleep has yet to be announced.


Debunking the Myth that the X-Box 360 is dead

326w ago - Daily GameFunk analyzes the 360's prospects for the immediate and long-term future. With the 360 being surpassed by the Wii in North America, and the Playstation 3 in Europe, the article seeks to answer the question: Is the 360 dead? And if not, what can Microsoft do to keep the 360 viable against strong competition?

In terms of sales, the 360 has been struggling to gain its footing on very slippery slope this year. After being the leading console in the US for more than 2 years, it was finally surpassed by the Wii at the end of May.

In addition to this, Sony announced a few weeks ago that they had finally outsold the 360 in Europe, landing another critical blow to the 360. With this on top of numerous other issues, many have began contemplating whether or not Microsoft has already closed up shop on the 360 and began looking at future consoles. However, this is simply not the case.

Microsoft has lost the advantage of having the largest install base in North America. However, while having the largest install base is important, developers often look towards a console's attach rate(the average number of games sold per console) as well.

After all, while having 25 million potential customers is better then having 18 million potential customers, if the 25 million only average 4 games...
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