Sony's $399 PS3 confirmed by Best Buy?

341w ago - Thanks to a helpful tipster, we have a couple of Best Buy documents showing a $399 Playstation 3 with 40GB disk and Spiderman 3 (yes, Blu-ray) bundle with an "In Stock Date" of October 28. However, the more important "Street Date" field is unfortunately empty at the moment.

While the docs look legit and don't seem to be Photoshopped, they can still be faked easily enough. So we did a quick lookup on the UPC code and sure enough, while the details are masked, the manufacturer is listed as "Sony Computer Entertainment of America." Unfortunately, we don't see the new model CECHG01 listed anywhere in the docs. As such, let's be clear: this ain't official. Still, we'll be paying close attention on October 12th as will you we suspect.

Sony registers new PS Logo/Icon

341w ago - Sony has registered this logo at the Japanese patent office.

Neo-Geo confirmed for Virtual Console

341w ago - Nintendo has finally officially confirmed that Neo-Geo games will be available on the Virtual Console. They will cost 900 points, and are likely to appear "soon", although a solid date is still to be determined.

The Neo-Geo was a strange old beast made by Japanese company SNK. It boasted impressive technical prowess compared to its 1990 competition, but entered the market at such a high price point and asked for so much money for its games that it soon receded to niche, cult status.

Still, it had its moments and is remembered fondly for The King of Fighters and Metal Slug series among others.

The first titles to pop up on the Virtual Console will be Fatal Fury, World Heroes and Art of Fighting, with many more to follow in the future.

We will let you know when a date hits the airwaves.

$399 40GB PS3 To Be Released On Oct 30th

342w ago - We're sure you've all heard the rumor of the $399 PS3 its been going around the web for awhile now lately but even way back in July predicted by a Microsoft employee. Rumors have pegged an official announcement in October. So doing a little searching and making a few calls and putting all the information together Real Deal Gaming has come up with a well informed/unconfirmed/educated guess of when this rumored $399 PS3 would finally hit store shelves. Read on for the evidence.

What we are going to do is show you some of the evidence that you can see with your own eyes so you can put the pieces of the puzzle together yourself. Our first piece of evidence is located HERE where you can see the release date for Spider-man 3 on Blu-ray is listed as Oct. 30th. One of the rumors around the net is that Sony will have the new 40GB released with a special Spider-man 3 bundle. This makes a lot of sense since Spider-man 3 is #15 on the list of highest grossing movies of all time and will sell very well once released on dvd and exclusively on Blu-ray. This move coupled with a lower priced PS3 and some heavy marketing and advertising would surely move quite a bit of PS3 consoles.

The next piece of evidence is located HERE...

Microsoft Smuggles 65mm Inside Halo 3 Xbox

342w ago - That's right - at this very moment, you could own an Xbox 360 sporting the much fabled 65nm CPU and GPU. It appears - according to a thread on the official Xbox forums - that Microsoft has, under the guise of the recently released Halo 3 360, soft-launched the 65nm edition of its console.

What does this mean in layman's terms if you happen to own one? Firstly, it means you're much more awesome than all of your friends. Even the hot ones. Secondly, the 65nm chips run cooler and consume less power than their tardy 90nm counterparts... which can be found in every other Xbox 360 in the world. Except your one, of course.

We were under the impression for a long time that such hardware would debut in the Elite. But, it didn't. I don't entirely understand why Microsoft hasn't made a bigger deal out of the 65nm Halo 3 consoles... maybe they were concerned they'd anger everyone who's already forked over the dosh for the Elite.

Finding out whether you're 65nm-enabled - as it were - is not exactly simple: you need to take your console apart. Let's just assume if your Halo 3 box is a lot cooler to the touch and quieter than a standard unit, you're probably one of the chosen.

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