Videos: Yakuza 3 for PlayStation 3 Trailers And Teaser Available

280w ago - Sega has made available more than 11 minutes of the Yakuza 3 story to give you a full picture of this upcoming PlayStation 3 title.

Those interested can check out the following videos: Yakuza 3 Japanese Extended Story Trailer, Yakuza 3 Japanese Adventure Trailer, and Yakuza 3 Japanese Strip Teaser.

Videos are below, courtesy of GameTrailers:



Videos: PlayStation Portable 3000 Hardware Hacking Available!

285w ago - PinoyPSP3000 has made available two videos via YouTube illustrating some hardware hacking on the new PSP-3000 console.

Based on their watermarks, the videos' source appears to be Royginald from PinoyPSP.

It appears like they are still using the same PSP 2000 CPU engineering, but with a different IPL security. Apparently, almost all homebrews that were compatible with the PSP-2000 now work on this new modified PSP-3000 unit.

Videos below, enjoy!


Tomb Raider Underworld for Nintendo Wii Videos Available

286w ago - Five Tomb Raider Underworld gameplay videos have hit the Web today courtesy of IGN.

The cutscenes are all done in the realtime engine with fluid motion and performance capture, though a few visual effects from the higher-end consoles had to be scaled back for the Wii presentation.

The caption reads as follows: Lara Croft attempts to unravel the secrets behind Thor's Hammer in Tomb Raider Underworld.

Check them out below, or linked above in HD!

Mexican Temple

The Kraken

Swimming With The Jellyfish

Croft Manor In Flame

Platforming In Thailand


Videos: Three New PlayStation Home Partner Demos Available

287w ago - Three new Tokyo Game Show 2008 partner demo trailers have hit the Internet today courtesy of GameTrailers.

Titles featured include Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter 4, and Gran Turismo.

Videos below, enjoy!

TGS 08: Japanese RE5 Partner Demo
Caption: Chris Redfield is coming Home.

TGS 08: Japanese SF4 Partner Demo
Caption: Would you like to bring Chun Li Home with you?

TGS 08: Japanese Gran Turismo Partner Demo
Caption: Deck out your pad with some slick racing machines.


Videos: NVISION Closing - Going Out with a Bust

293w ago - Capping off three days of gaming, competing, creating and record breaking was the final keynote address given by NVIDIA Senior VP of Marketing, Daniel Vivoli. It was the culmination of all of the major events of the convention-results for the Guinness World Record, ESWC, the Demoscene and NVScene challenges-as well as the winners of best visual application and emerging companies. But what really stole the show: the Mythbusters blowout demo.

Congratulating the daunting task of completing a new Guinness World Record was the first highlight of the show. A total of 203 gamers played for 36-hours straight against each other-no small feat indeed. For their efforts, those that completed were awarded with customized plaques commemorating their achievement, gift certificates, a refund on their registration fee and sweet, custom NVIDIA-themed shoes by Nike.

An NVISION recap video was then shown, with highlights from the past three days at the convention (with a brief appearance by yours truly in the Sketch Contest-more on that later). This was followed by a presentation of awards for company presentations at NVISION. The best visual computing award went to Total Immersion for an interactive video solution that combines...

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